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  1. Davis Mills looked better than Zach this season.
  2. https://twitter.com/cavsfan_421/status/1481031866048262147?s=21
  3. I really believe Judge got himself fired with that bizarre press conference. No idea what he could have been thinking with that.
  4. Got to give the kid at least another season. Stick to the plan!
  5. First of all Apologize for starting this thread (I’m new to this board). If anyone else hates the Giants and wants a laugh search Joe Judge on YouTube. I actually feel bad for this guy. He’s getting absolutely roasted like Thanksgiving Turkey by the National media.
  6. Both these guys will be fired next year at this time. Sad but true.
  7. I’m with Warfish/Pavlovs Dog. If it was me I would go after Jimmy G. So Sick of the watching the worst QB in the NFL (Darnold/Wilson).
  8. Anybody else annoyed that Applebee’s ripped off the Cheers theme? I guess I’m old.
  9. Many of the pass attempts were on 3rd down when the check down wasn’t going to get the job done
  10. I don’t share any optimism on ZW. The kid has looked overwhelmed most of the year. Of course he could take a big jump in year 2, but I wouldn’t count on it.
  11. I’m still very skeptical of Wilson, but that’s one of those games where you really have to wait for the All-22 to come out before evaluating. The Jets were in 3rd and long all game. Very tough spot to be in. I’m sure he could have hit a few more check downs instead of taking sacks, but on 3rd down does it really matter? Obviously Wilson needs to begin to feel comfortable “throwing receivers open” like Herbert yesterday. However, working with Keelan Cole and Jeff Smith is much different than Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.
  12. I watch other NFL football teams and the Jets are just so far off.
  13. Many of the sacks were on 3rd down.
  14. Seahawks winning. That’s going to kill our draft position.
  15. Bad day all around. Seattle winning is the worst part.
  16. That actually could have been a big play if Wilson/Johnson connected.
  17. I’m turning this one off and watching real football.
  18. This is going to be a brutal game for Wilson and Jets. Tough game to finish the season. Bills are bullies.
  19. Not surprising. New GM dumps the inherited HC the second he gets the chance.
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