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  1. Per PFF Becton graded out better in his rookie season than Fant did in his career year this season. It’s too early to write Mehki off as a bust. When he played last season he looked very promising. Does anyone recall Marcus Maye’s first two years in the NFL? He looked good as a rookie, but battles nagging injuries, his second season was a complete wash, going into his third season every Jets fan was saying he was made of glass, a bust, you name it. Well… In 2019 only one presumptive starter actually started all 16 games. That was Marcus Maye.
  2. Dottino and Vacchiano have always been Giant ball washers. They know where their bread is buttered. Don’t blame them. Content creators on YouTube are making more $ than beat writers. The only thing that keeps them in business is access. In order to gain access they have to toe the company line.
  3. He was a good Jet/FA pickup. Led the Jets in receptions every year he was here. Kind of feel a guy like this who wasted the prime of his career on these bad Jets teams.
  4. Options: Derek Carr: Raiders can trade him without taking a huge dead cap hit. UFA after 2022. Kirk Cousins: Monster dead cap hit if they trade him, but he’s a free agent in 2023. Does the new coaching staff want to move on from him and get what they can in a trade? Aaron Rodgers: Contract is voided after 2022 so if they want to get something for him now is the time to trade him. Significant dead cap hit, but much more reasonable than Cousins. Packers CANNOT franchise him. Russell Wilson: Much like Rodgers now is the time to trade him. Dead cap hit is reasonable. Player wants out of Seattle. Deshaun Watson: Up in the air due to legal issues. No NFL team will trade for him before that is resolved. Baker Mayfield: Playing on 5th year option. Does Cleveland look to upgrade? Daniel Jones: Same situation as Darnold last year. Do the Giants move in another direction and look to trade him? My prediction: Carr signs an extension with Las Vegas Cousins plays out 2022 on his current contract (we know he has no issue with that) Rodgers gets a lifetime contract with the Packers and Green Bay trades Jordan Love for a 2nd round pick to Pittsburgh. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson make up DeShaun Watson: Hard to predict, but if he’s available looking at a bidding war between Miami and Carolina. Baker: Returns to Cleveland to play out his 5th year option Daniel Jones: Giants don’t pick up his 5th year option and let him play out his rookie year. Serves as bridge QB for 2022.
  5. I don’t know about any of you, but I couldn’t stop listening to the press conference on Monday. It was unbelievable to me that an NFL head coach could stand up there and flat out lie and spew nonsense like that. I especially couldn’t believe that he called out Shurmur completely unprovoked. It was a totally classless thing to do and I am sure it was embarrassing for Giant ownership. My guess is that he likely comes back only because Mara doesn’t want to fire a third straight coach after two seasons. The Giants will use the guise that they are letting the new GM decide Joe Judges fate, but we all know if the guy is still around after black Monday he’s going to be the coach in 2022. Still…..very fascinating stuff. We shall see if Joe Judge literally talked himself out of a job with that rant.
  6. If Fangio is fired could he be in play? Saleh coached under Fangio to start his career.
  7. Tua can definitely play, but the Dolphins will eventually need to upgrade if they want to take the next level. Their offense seems very gimmicky under Tua and I get the sense that good defenses will catch on.
  8. The fans really don’t care if some players in the locker room don’t like him. It’s all about how you play on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers is the biggest jerk in the league.
  9. Again………. It is the head coaches job to ENSURE that the right play is being run. Why was Wilson given ANY freedom on that play? They were coming out of timeout!!! How Zach Wilson is taking more heat for this than Robert Saleh is beyond me. Zach Wilson may have been selfish, but Robert Saleh was incompetent.
  10. Not even Woody Johnson has run through 3 HCs in 6 years. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that happening to Giants. I think Mara wants to keep Judge just so he doesn’t have to succumb to firing another coach after 2 years. Unfortunately for him I think JJ buried himself with that PC. It’s one thing to lose games, but Judge turned the organization into a punch line (clown show).
  11. Joe Judge may have talked himself out of a job much like Idzik did not Sunday.
  12. I don’t know how anyone can blame the 22 year old QB for that 4th and 2 play. How the hell does the HEAD coach not get together with the OC and QB DURING a timeout and effectively communicate/agree on a play in that situation.
  13. I really don’t care if he’s a jerk so long as he can play.
  14. I really didn’t like Mayfield coming out. I actually think he’s been better than expected. That said I think that first year is an example of why you don’t put the cart before the horse. The NFL went to school on him and exposed some of his weaknesses the following year. I could see the same thing occurring with Mac Jones.
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