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  1. I’m the one who said Zach Wilson looked amazing and is Aaron Rodgers but better
  2. This franchise is a disaster. The only way out is bringing in Flores and Watson otherwise enjoy another decade with 0 playoff appearances
  3. Gonna bump this thread after JD trades him for a second and Becton becomes all pro on another team
  4. Why didn’t Mike White get more of a chance this year? Not only did he beat the bengals (who won yesterday btw) he was playing well against the colts before getting injured JD is so worried about Wilson panning out he’s forgetting his job is secure if White bails him out
  5. Robert Saleh wasn’t Adam Gase but he looked a lot like Todd Bowles
  6. Looking forward to our next idiot HC and GM in 2 years after they draft another QB top 3 who probably also sucks thanks Woody!
  7. Why do we always win these completely bs meaningless late season games? Ugh
  8. JD’s best draft pick of his tenure doesn’t want to play for the worst owner in sports and his second incompetent coaching staff shocker
  9. They signed Davis and drafted Moore and the rb. The kid just isn’t that good
  10. Zach Wilson = Kellen Clemens the glorified version keep trying to convince yourselves we didn’t set ourselves back another 5 years
  11. Why would Seattle agree to that trade? That’s highway robbery
  12. Why would DK want to come here? We stink and have no qb
  13. Didn’t Kyle Pitts just get 1,000 yards as a rookie?
  14. All these fan bases get to enjoy wildcard weekend while we are supposed to celebrate 12 years, 0 playoff appearancess, 4-13, a lousy roster, another lousy coaching staff and GM, and glorified Kellen Clemens 2.0 at qb as the “unicorn” Sell the team Woody
  15. Great defensive coordinator who had the greatest qb ever fall in his lap. Without Brady his head coaching career has been average at best even including this season it is what it is
  16. 56% completion percentage in college OMFG! seriously I think Mike Tanenbaum has 75 different usernames on this site. That’s how awful the qb assessments have been over the years
  17. Flores is better than overrated McDouchebag and Eric “Jets fans think I was the GM 2006-2010” Mangina Not a difficult concept
  18. If Woody was remotely intelligent he’d fire Saleh, hire Flores and trade for Watson now but he’s not
  19. Zach Wilson reminds me a lot of Kellen Clemens and JP Losman “oh my God look at his throws!” Give me a break, the kid is mediocre at best
  20. Outlier of what? Being way better than Darnold and Zach Wilson? I agree
  21. I don’t care about Mac Jones. And I hate the patriots and their fair weather fans in the media but the jets are a hot mess
  22. Crazy thing was Burriw and Mac Jones both played great against top competition in college meanwhike Dutch Boy struggled facing Coastal Carolina and jets fans celebrate him not throwing 50 interceptions last 4 games of the year
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