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  1. This would be a very odd hire. Lovie is coming off a failed stint as HC of the Illinois Fighting Illini and is going to be 64 years old. Their plan was to fire David Culley so they could promote Lovie Smith?
  2. McDnaiel better than Lafluer? That’s due hilarious. LaFleur beat Burrow with Mike White
  3. Mike McDaniel is actually biracial. 49ers get draft compensation as a result.
  4. I think they should just get rid of the OL and DL and make it a 7 on 7 scrimmage. That would be kind of cool.
  5. Odd hire for sure. Perhaps Ross was enamored with his Ivy League education.
  6. I bet he’s thinking had he stayed in SF he would be a HC instead of Mike McDaniel. Hopefully Mike gets ZW on track and can parlay it into a HC job over the next few years.
  7. I mean a lot of teams passed on Pat Mahomes. Would you rather of had Mitch Trubisky, Solomon Thomas, Leonard Fournette, and Corey Davis? All those guys went AHEAD of Jamal. Jamal wasn’t the BEST pick the Jets could have made, but he was still GOOD pick that worked out.
  8. Reading some of the comments here is cringe worthy. You guys do realize that Jamal Adams was a good pick right? One of the best picks the Jets have made actually. God forbid if the Jets draft an All Pro safety that other teams would trade two firsts and a third for. Must get “value” players like Vernon Gholston, Mehki Becton, and Sam Darnold.
  9. It’s good content if you want to read Jets stuff with green colored glasses on. Their coverage of Wilson this year was nauseating as it was the same way they covered Darnold. Was really hoping to see them evolve to become more objective.
  10. It’s not that it sucks. There are plenty of good OL and DL that the Jets need. At least the options look better than 2019 when it was Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, and Josh Allen. The issue is that there is no Jamarr Chase, Devonta Smith, or Kyle Pitts available on offense which is probably what they want. Also there isn’t a lot of hype around these QBs which (much like 2019) makes trading out tough.
  11. I’d definitely pick up the option. His option is $10MM and the franchise tag is $14MM. His cap hit is around $10MM this year. I’m good giving him what would essentially be a 3 year $34 MM contract with $20MM guaranteed. That’s fair value for what he’s shown thus far as a player. If he steps up his game the next couple years obviously look at working out an extension. If he stays the same type of player let some other team give him the monster extension. He’s not worth it.
  12. This article makes me depressed. I like AVT but Slater went one pick ahead of him. That dude might be the best OL in the league.
  13. “all the great players who have played, Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Sam…..(pauses and arkward silence)
  14. Kenny Pickett looks like Edward Norton
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