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  1. Why not Hutch at 4 and Deebo for 35 and 38? That's not cheating I still only got one of the scenarios you listed.
  2. The odds for the number 2 pick on BetMGM have been removed. A few mins ago Hutch was -200 but now no odds are available.
  3. George Karlaftis is more athletic than people give him credit for and is easily edge 3 for me. If we could find a way to take him, even if it wasn't at 10, I'd be all for it.
  4. They're gonna trade him one year after this? No shot!
  5. I might legitimately break my TV if Jets give up 10 and Moore for Deebo. Most of the equity I have built up in Douglas would be destroyed. With all that being said, I would be stunned if Douglas gave up his 16th rated player from last year's draft and has done everything right in terms of productivity since.
  6. With the way negotiations have gone I doubt they just let him pick wherever he wants to go like Tyreek. It's just a matter of if he's okay with going to the Jets and willing to sign an extension there. If that would happen at the very least Jets should win any bidding war if they truly wanted to include the 10th pick. It's not as simple as he picks his favorite spot. If anything, 49ers would prefer to send him to the AFC if all else is equal.
  7. Not one, but 2 QBs go in the top 10. No matter the class someone will always reach and other teams will begin to panic.
  8. Great depth move that should still not prevent the Jets from going edge at 4 if a guy they like is there. Lawson and insert draft pick with Martin, Curry, and Huff as good depth pieces.
  9. It would have been really funny if he literally turned around and traded the 6th round pick from Cashman and used it for Woods. Damn, this makes the Cashman trade look even better.
  10. Does the trade still go through if he goes on IR on his way to the airport?
  11. The way things are going in Houston that might be the 1st pick in the 6th.
  12. Most definitely. They will find a way to make it work. Kills any chance of the Jets getting him if those rumors were in fact true.
  13. All time great good, which for the Jets is basically 9-8 lol
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