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  1. I think he would like to come to NY. All of a sudden players will want to play for the Jets if Watson is here.
  2. No idea if ownership would allow him to bring Watson in, but if I was JD and my job was on the line I would think long and hard about it. The Jets have the cap space and draft capital to pull this off. Listen, I like Zach and am obviously rooting for him, but a bird in the hand is better than a bird in the bush. Watson is a legit top 5 QB. Zach is a question mark who is coming off of a substandard rookie year. If the Jets deal for Watson and Houston doesn’t want Wilson they can still likely get a first round pick for him given how many QB needy teams there are this year. If Wilson strikes out next year everyone is getting fired and his value is a mid round pick at most.
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