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  1. The blindfold match between Jake the snake and Rick Martel. I saw it live brutha
  2. Seriously who the hell is stupid enough to buy any of this crypto nonsense
  3. Point out one good game in college Wilson played against a top 20 ranked defense
  4. Well yeah that’s why he was supposed to be the next Hackenberg remember
  5. Yawn. Still dancing around the fact that a grand jury didn’t find any of the 24 accusers credible enough to induct Watson on anything Most lawsuits that have any merit go on for years in litigation. None of the suits filed against Watson are more than 15 months old
  6. Except that the Knicks made the playoffs year before last and were at least competitive last season
  7. We’ll be doing that first 10 weeks of next season
  8. Astros radios didn’t work tonight?
  9. Davis in one season with mostly crap qb play has shown way more than McSuckins did his entire time here
  10. Agree with everything you say but I thought Fields was horrible last season. He’s going to be really bad
  11. Lawrence sucked but his head coach was an absentee clown and his OC was a notorious QB killer
  12. Because Becton is our LT of the future. RTs are a dime a dozen. Trade Fant, let another team pay him and get draft capital
  13. 2016 was the last time I went into a season with any optimism at all 2019 I had some hope but Kaare Vedvik couldn’t kick a ball into the Atlantic Ocean week 1
  14. He didn’t have any Geno/Sanchez self destruction games last several weeks of the season. Problem is, he didn’t look dynamic at all hence the mediocre passing numbers
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