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  1. what’s he going to say? “The qb we drafted 2nd overall who my entire career is predicated on can’t outplay a 38 year old backup?”
  2. Apparently Flacco has been getting reps against the first string defense the tell that this is all true is Saleh praising Flacco during press conferences as a way of deflecting off Zach Wilson. If Flacco wasn’t outperforming Wilson he wouldn’t be running around saying he should be a starter in the nfl
  3. Has to have a table of penalties negotiated into the CBA. The issue is the people calling for Watson’s head have been wrong about everything so far. 2 grand juries refused to indict him on anything and the female judge gave about as light a suspension as possible. Watson should file a grievance and/or file suit in district court if the suspension is increased same way Tom Brady did in 2015
  4. Kaep got a lifetime ban for sitting at the incorrect time. Seems fair
  5. Each alleged incident is listed as a specification of misconduct in the notice of proposed discipline letter to Watson that kicks off the litigation. Thats how labor law works.
  6. Two grand juries and a female judge said the case and evidence against Watson were weak But yeah, Andrew Brandt’s tweets
  7. Is this an objection you learned about from watching reruns of Matlock? “Objection your honor, Andrew Brandt tweeted.”
  8. Which law and order rerun did you get that from? You’re not a f ckin lawyer
  9. Did Wilson look mediocre last season? Forget good, Honestly, did he even look average for a rookie? Right now his ceiling looks like Jay Fiedler
  10. The guy who fought Allen mentioned his 56% completion percentage at Wyoming
  11. Only 5 billion people have had the vaccine with 0 side effects but hey, still “experimental”
  12. We have due process in this country. Obviously the accusers were either not credible or just flat out had contradictions in their stories. You can not destroy someone’s career based on a screenshot of him asking if a masseuse “focuses on the glute area”
  13. The Karens who are obsessed with Watson getting a lifetime ban based on nonsense the grand jury wouldn’t even indict him on need to get a life They can “fill in the gaps” watching Zach Wilson try to evolve into a mediocre game manager next year I guess
  14. Bar cards? What crappy lawyer tv show or movie did you get that from? Lol
  15. The evidence against Watson is and always was weak at best. A female arbitrator even thought so hence just a 6 game suspension. If the NFL tries to extend it he should file a grievance and/or sue in federal court and get the entire thing thrown out
  16. If Goodell tries to grandstand it will backfire on him. No one wants to lose a labor arbitration even if a bunch of Karen internet posters think Watson should have a lifetime suspension based on nonsense he couldn’t even get a single count of an indictment on
  17. Why are trading for Adams? To make our secondary even worse in coverage?
  18. We have talent on offense. Our offensive line in particular has a chance to be top 3 in the league
  19. Uh ok buddy. Hope you got your popcorn ready. anything more than 8 game suspension Watson will file a grievance and win
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