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  1. On 4/14/2022 at 7:06 PM, SouthernJet said:

    Guyis dual run/catch threat as far as production and Ds have to scheme against him lining up in either spot.

    If you could predict in any year that of 4 picks in 1st 2 rounds, one would be as great as Deebo and then trust Douglas with the 2 remaining picks.

    I dont wantt to roll dice on 1st round WR (come on, NO ONE will replicate Deebo) so ypu are giving up a pick 38 for Deebo. Big deal. Douglas still has 2 more . 4 and 35 to get 2 more starters.

    Deebo is the swiss army knife this OC and scheme crave and will elevate Zach and force 2nd best CB to cover Moore, leaving Davis and Berrios covered by schlubs.

    And Carter has a open part of field for dump offs as Moore and Deebo will force D to go wherever they go.Add in 2 hybrid pass catching TEs and Zach has MULTIPLE safety valves. It forces the D to keep LBs for rusing as too many great YAC guys playing close to line.

    That'd be a no Brainer. Feel like SF would want a little more maybe a '23 third rounder on top of it. I'd still do it

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