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  1. Well earned for all 3. Would have also included David Harris as well with this class though.
  2. Watched the clip. Trying to take emotion out of it, Stephen A. conceded Jets have weapons and Saleh's track record with the 49ers. He mentioned defensive ranks last year, but the Jets signed a lot of defensive free agents this year plus selected our draft picks who are highly regarded since that time. Saleh, with talent in San Fran, did have an impressive track record. The best course of action for the players in my opinion, like I have said in other threads, is to ignore sports twitter, insta, etc. Nothing good can come of it, and if they hear from other fans or people through the grapevine, just state to them or to themselves that I haven't payed attention to it and that's all. Saleh should also drive the point home that ratings and drama are a big factor for these talk shows, and right now piling on the Jets is a working formula for them. Meaning that Stephen A can emphasize the "Reserved for last place" line for the Jets like they are going to go 3-14 4-13, but he may actually believe they will be near 500, just the other teams in the division will be a bit better. Don't know what his record prediction is.
  3. Zach was listed at 214 last year. If he gained 11 pounds (which he might have) his height and weight would be identical to Rodgers. That should quiet down the durability concerns. Rodgers has played every game in 10 of 14 seasons, 2 seasons where he missed a game (presumably to rest for playoffs) and missed 2 portions of seasons due to injury. With durability concerns piped down, i'll be looking to see if he developed an accurate short throw touch pass in OTA's. Changing speeds on his passes when necessary.
  4. Depending on the context of the situation, if the football guy started the physical violence and situation, then kudos to the airport guy for not staying down. If the airport guy started the physical violence, then no clue on what he's doing.
  5. Trey Flowers as a rotational DE might be a solid pick up.
  6. That is true, but ESPN is not basing it on that. Being objective, there is no way Jets are #31 with the free agents they signed plus the draft they had if forecasting for this year coming up. If one says Zach, then how are the Bears not bottom 3 with Fields as he looked just as lost last year? Hope the coach is telling the players to not pay attention to these sports channels and sites, as the Jets are the low hanging fruit (deserving can argue) and when all else fails they'll mock the Jets to get opposing fan bases to click in and laugh and/or Jet fans riled up.
  7. This is a game where it basically depends if Zach improves his quick throw accuracy by a wide margin. Moore and Berrios should be the vocal points with 4 wr sets or 3 wrs and 1 te. Short shifty wr's against taller cb's and safetys (Moore 5 10, Berrios 5 9, Cb's for Ravens: Peters 6 0, Humphrey 6 0, Clark 6 0, Hamilton 6 4, Jefferson 5 11).
  8. If they can just get to 4-5 at the bye, it can set up for a run in 2nd half of the season with most of those teams they are playing. 2-2 first 4 (Maybe catch a break with Watson suspended), and somehow get 2 of 5 from the gauntlet of MIA, GB, DEN, NE, and BUF. Glad those 3 div games are at home early. As a young team, they will progress as the season goes on and will probably have a better shot on the road.
  9. If that's true, that's throws the bad team theory out the window.
  10. So if it's true that bad teams don't get to be on SNF, how come the Bears supposedly have a week 2 matchup at GB on SNF per schedule leak? Who really wants to see the Bears? Also, if that is true, how come the Giants seem to get 1 or 2 every year?
  11. What also would be hilarious is if he criticizes the referees for looking like they are siding with a team with penalty calls during any broadcast.
  12. Very glad now AFC games are on CBS, although it will be interesting to see/hear how he calls Giant games.
  13. If indeed the Patriots week 1, hold off on playing Breece and Carter in the 2nd and 3rd preseason games and make sure they are as fresh as can be. Play bully ball against the Patriots D, that way Bill can't be creative with his secondary and confuse Zach which opens up play action and legit one on one coverage which are not disguises.
  14. 100% true. I just think Zach's issues last year are fixable with his touch passes, as long as he's putting in a hardcore practice routine this off-season which I hope he has and continues to do.
  15. My fault I phrased that wrong. 8 wins and a surprise win or 2 to get to 9 or 10.
  16. Jags, Bears, Lions, at Steelers (rookie qb Or Mitch), at Seahawks (Russ and Bobby Wagner gone, 2 players heart and soul of that team), Miami at home (Can tua get ball downfield to HIll?), New England at home (Better run game for us this year, can play bully ball), Vikings hot and cold (secondary to match up with Jefferson and Thielen), Ravens with below avg wr's, GB without davonte. Denver, Cleveland, Bills, and Bengals throw out the window, but even Bengals the Jets beat last year (Mike White game). Zach Wilson's issue is correctable with his short throws. Get that fixed, with this schedule, combined with Saleh's track record with a talented defense in SF (although the 3 game stretch last year was deflating), no reason to believe team can't win 8 games with a surprise win or 2. Edited.
  17. Didn't realize that until reading some other posts. Fair point.
  18. Zac Taylor (offensive minded hc) Bengals 2019: 2-14 30th in nfl with 17.4 ppg. Zach Wilson is a bit concerning, but what he has to learn is correctable (short throw touch and accuracy) which I hope he's working on vehemently this offseason. Jets talent wise got a lot better on both sides of the ball. Lets see how he (Saleh) coaches the defense this year, even though I was deflated by the 3 game stretch last year with the Pats, Colts, and Bills.
  19. The Jets arguably got the best cb, wr, maybe edge, and rb in the whole draft. Not to mention a TE people had highly rated. To trade up to 36 they gave up a 5th rounder. They got 26 and a late 3rd rounder giving up 35, an early 3rd rounder, and a 5th rounder, maybe getting the player they were gonna take early that 3rd round with the late 3rd. They took 7 players in first 4 rounds, better chance of hit rate than 5th rounders. You really couldn't do better than they did, yet people still "roast" them. If I were the coach, I would tell the players to stay off the media social feeds and watching television networks. Plus be respectful in press conferences to minimize engagement. There is no rational way a team should be criticized for the draft the jets had or the "process" they are following, and I would ask Jason politely if the Ravens had the same exact draft the Jets did how would he rate their "process"?
  20. Is Breece a rb who needs touches to get better throughout the game or does he do it from the get go? I still want to see Carter get carries as I think he's good as well, but Breece being first rb with 75+ yards and a td every game since prime Tomlinson is spectacular. Curious to see the split.
  21. If Wilson improves dramatically on his short pass accuracy (which I hope he's working on the most this offseason), then this has a chance to be the best team since 2015, maybe 2010. All depends on Wilson's short pass accuracy and touch.
  22. 8-9 right now before seeing preseason. Can interchange a win on road/home vs Mia or NE. Hopefully a surprise win vs Bal or GB to be over .500.
  23. In all sincerity, that was one of the worst if not the worst trade in Jets history. Not for what they gave up to get Tebow, but the qb controversy it created when Sanchez in 2011 had 26 td's to 18 picks which wasn't terrible and the fit made no sense football wise. Adding in the fact that it attracted the national media even more to the franchise after the gut wrenching last 2 games of the season of 2011 (Giants, Dolphins). Didn't need the extra attention. Edit: Maybe Doug Jolley was a worse trade.
  24. Will picking a wr at 10 (wilson/london/williams/burks) give you more production/value over the course of rookie contract then Deebo will on a big contract? I love Deebo's game, just concerned about his injury risk by the way he plays. However on that same token the way he plays might be the type of attitude/toughness the Jets franchise needs from a player right now. He was my favorite player to watch last year from the whole league as well. If SF is willing not to be too pricey (meaning #10 and maybe a 5th rounder) and Deebo is willing to sign a contract here, I say do it with the driving factor of it helping Wilson immensely having a guy fight for those extra yards every time touching the ball. However, if Elijah Moore has to be including in the deal, then draft a wr.
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