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  1. These negative Becton posts are laughable. He's in good shape. He's done nothing but consistently improve week after week. And he hasn't missed any time. He's a giant human coming back from a serious injury. All in all, if you can't see potential, you're just another attention troll.
  2. Every time I started a new job I was lost for awhile. Sometimes I was quicker than others to get up to speed, sometimes it took me a bit longer. On one side, you have Zach's arm talent, athleticism, and college success in the equation and, on the other, there's a subpar rookie season (that increasingly improved throughout). IMO, I believe these guys (and most doubters) are speculating from the wrong side of the equation.
  3. Spot on. I honestly believe they will be 2-3 after 5 games. One can dream!
  4. I agree with you. I'm actually feeling 2-3 myself, but I expect that, so I'm pushing the envelope
  5. There's been a lot of talk about how tough the early part of the schedule is. Is it really? With the Jets sporting a solid defensive backfield this season, does Jacoby Brissett or Kenny Picket strike fear in anyone? Tua bad? They did beat the Bengals last season. I'm such a die-hard Jets fan, I always have hope, and I've become numb to heartbreak, so there's really no risk in me having high expectations. Just curious what others think. Am I delusional?
  6. 2 attempts is my limit with someone with ADHD.
  7. It's simple math, I don't expect you to understand. You're giving him a plus for 2020 and a minus for 2021. He was injured in 2021, the season doesn't factor into the equation. What matters is what players do ON the field. I don't expect you to understand that either.
  8. So, you're saying Carl Lawson had a terrible season last year as well? I guess that means he's .000, he REALLY sucks. FYI: Becton has NEVER PLAYED poorly. Smokescreens only fool the likeminded.
  9. He still has a lot to prove, but if you're still not rooting for him, then you simply switched gears and are now hoping he fails, so you can redeem yourself with an "I told you so". How sad.
  10. Everyone seems to agree that Zach's arm is currently his best attribute - the Jets included. So, why would they put it on the shelf? They won't. The running game adds balance. When Zach doesn't have to throw nearly every down, and the defense doesn't know when it's coming, he'll be launching it down field. They didn't sign Garrett Wilson to run slants and fades.
  11. 2021 “team middle of the pack numbers” (Ref SF, NE, etc.) : 6000 Total Offensive Yds / Season = 350 = Avg Total Yds / Game 25 = Avg Total Pts / Game 125 RYD/G 225 PYD/G = 3,825 1.5 PTD/G = 25.5 1.5 RTD/G Scoring 3 TD’s per week is a reasonable expectation. Taking into consideration the run-heavy system, I believe those average rush/pass splits are also reasonable. With better receiving, viable TE’s, and (2) pass-catching RB's, he should easily surpass 60 % CPCT. 3,800 / 27 TD / 63% / 15 INT = Success (IMO).
  12. Exactly. And let's not forget about Jordan Whitehead now underneath at SS when they're playing cover 3. I was always on the edge of my seat in sheer panic in defensive 3rd down situations. I fully expect that feeling to continually diminish as the season progresses.
  13. If they want to prank rookies, why not take them to dinner at a local Soup Kitchen and tip them $75K when they leave? Both a humbling experience and a good deed.
  14. Tight coverage on receivers, coupled with a better pass rush, will force opposing QB's into bad situations: holding the ball too long, thus making bad throws, scrambling for their lives, or eating dirt. This is how it should play out. This is how I expect it to play out. And I'll leave it at that. I'm not one who regularly visits the dark side. Go Jets!
  15. Isn't it funny how all the naysayers talking $hit about Becton, how he wouldn't attend mandatory practices, or would never play another game for the Jets - have now moved on to a completely new set of ridiculous observations and foolish comments. Smells like the "NFL version of "THE BIG LIE", LOL.
  16. Not worried about anything. You seem uptight. Wish you well.
  17. Seeing Bacon in a uniform would be a very rare sight indeed. Sizzling even.
  18. Predictions are not stated as fact. Usually they're preceded by IMO or the like. Let your friend know.
  19. Or....."but he's not going to be on the field this season." Now, about the election
  20. It's okay to disagree, I respect that. It's not okay to make $hit up. Do you believe the election was stolen? LOL
  21. This is a point of view I understand and respect. We don't know the true reasons behind his actions/inactions, we're again just speculating. In truth, there isn't concrete evidence either way. Maybe he doesn't come back and I've got egg on my face and I'm really disappointed. So be it. I'm a Jets fan - been there done that - fingers crossed (yet again).
  22. Yes, it will. Either he'll be good, or he won't. What's so hard to understand about that? You scare me.
  23. Here's an interesting read. How soon we forget. This is the foundation for those who believe he will return and pick up where he left off. There's a lot of hearsay to the contrary, but no facts to support those claims, it's just attention-seeking nonsense. It just seems odd to me that so many so-called Jets fans are not giving him the benefit of doubt, but instead slandering the guy and belittling the team for believing in him. I just don't see the satisfaction in that, unless your a Dolphins or Patriots fan. https://jetsxfactor.com/2022/01/07/mekhi-becton-criticism-stop/
  24. I'm not passing judgement or making unfounded predictions, I'm waiting for the truth to unfold. You should try it. Maybe people will stop looking at you cross-eyed.
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