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  1. It’s not that far fetched. He works for the Jets and was my favorite player back in the 70s/80s. I think he’s qualified for an elevated role.
  2. I think this could be an interesting option to give Buttle a chance to run the football operation. The guy bleeds green and really cares about the organization. I trust him more than the outsiders (Douglas and Saleh) the Jets hire. "I watch the game in an analytic way as opposed to a fan way. Sometimes you have to take the emotions out of the game to be able to compete at a very high level. It doesn't mean it's emotionless, but you cannot lead in sports just on raw emotion. I find that the analytic part really is a neat thing when I look at it. Almost like being a GM, a coach, because you can't be a player. So, I got the next best thing."
  3. It’s going to be a funeral today at MSG. That series ended in the 3rd period of Game 1. I don’t think the Rangers show up.
  4. Papa will drop any commitment for the NYG. Do we know that to be true for Wischusen? I just think Bob W is getting too big for this role and want a more dedicated voice of the Jets.
  5. Is it? Maybe the Jets should pay him more for exclusivity
  6. Huh? The Tom’s River Ground Round was incredibly Popular when I worked there. Bruce Springsteen ate there once. My friend cooked Bruce’s ribs.
  7. I personally met Bob back in the 80s when I was working at the Ground Round in Toms River.
  8. He’s broadcasting NHL and NCAA football and basketball for ESPN. Shouldn’t the voice of the Jets be exclusively focused on the Jets? You don’t see Bob Papa doing non Giants stuff.
  9. I’m used to Francesa and Beningo who tell it like it is without an agenda.
  10. Huh? I’m just a guy who is bored and looking to pass the time between shifts as a line cook at Bonefish Grill
  11. I Watched something called the Jake Asman show on YouTube. Give the young man a lot of credit, seems to be making $ off of it. However why are Jets fans always so optimistic before the season starts? Why do they believe the organization deserves any respect from the media? The way he and all of these other folks went after Brady Quinn for predicting Zach Wilson and the Jets will start 1-8 was laughable. I have followed this team for almost 50 years and know this fanbase well. All will be good until Week 1 kickoff. After the first loss the entire fanbase will be ready to fire everyone.
  12. I listened to what he said and don’t see a problem with it. He’s right that the schedule did not break right for the Jets and knows a slow start can bury any NFL team. If they win 5 games or less they are likely looking at a top 5 pick so a new QB is a real possibility
  13. Welp. They Pissed away game 1. I fully expect Carolina to sweep this thing.
  14. Either way-if this is true, Douglas and Saleh are in serious trouble.
  15. This is Daniel Kelley. He gained notoriety last year for saying that Zach Wilson was a 3rd round prospect. He is a former scout, but has become known for his negative hot takes.
  16. Drafting 3 first round QBs in 5 years would be unbelievable
  17. I’m not a Zach believer after last year, but I don’t see a scenario where the Jets are drafting a QB next year. He would really have to bomb for them to pull the plug after two seasons.
  18. What teams could be in the market for a QB? Giants Eagles Redskins Falcons Lions Panthers Colts
  19. Brady Quinn knows more about football than I do.
  20. I watched almost every game this year. They were not this bad defensively. For much of the series they looked like the David Quinn Rangers.
  21. Fun series, but I thought the Rangers played horribly. They were very fortunate Pittsburgh had major goaltending issues.
  22. Check his latest podcast episode. It was his response to listener mailbag question about Saleh.
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