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  1. Liked the whole post man. Nice effort and take. Even liked your negative post although your #4 about Quincy would have been #1 for me as the LB room was either last or close to it in performance last year. I said it before. I think this year is a better version of last year. Tough schedule in the start which hurts worse than tough to end. Lots of turn over that has to gel. Too many question marks. I still think next year will be our wow year.
  2. The other thing I learned from this thread is apparently it's not only the players getting chippy with one another.... lol
  3. Ya agreed on all, I think @slats (?) Said something about mimsy stepping up. I'd like to see that from mims. I think you gotta have at least 1 big body WR in your top 3.
  4. You're making a good point. The timing could have been better and we're only 1/3rd the way through TC. Lots of time for correction. And you recognized the catch should have been made but I think the bigger problem is with Davis here, who has a history of being clean, getting 2 hands on the ball and failing the catch. Never is there an excuse for that kind of drop but Davis seems to be making a pattern of it.
  5. I can't see well enough on my phone. Should that have been a td, there was just a rookie lack of toe drag swag?
  6. Is so confusing when you say something decent about ZW... Please stop
  7. Thanks tremendously to all the contributors including @fullblast showing one of the bad throws. That cleared up questions I had about it. Did I read correct that every throw over 10yds was dropped? If so that's an issue that position coach needs to fix! I think I also read Conklin, sauce, and breece are showing signs of awesomeness. JJ and Smith are not The medical and coaching staff are taking the reintroduction of injured players very seriously Outside of a couple bad plays Zach looks much improved from TC last year. THere was some good back and forth from the O and D Oh... and Garrett did something exceptionally stupid. Does that cover it?
  8. How'd that work out for ya pal....... lol I tried that once.... didn't know eyes literally turn red until that day.
  9. A nut armed nuclear with one of the world's biggest militaries invading a country and mass murdering non militants is a "social cause". I just simply don't have words for your special kind of stupid.
  10. They're donating $1M in support and in week 3 will wear decals in support of Ukraine. I'm really passionate about this and the biggest reason I filed my retirement from the military. BRAVO ZULU NY JETS!!!!!! NFL.com: New York Jets plan Week 3 tribute to Ukraine to raise awareness for relief efforts.
  11. Aaaahhhhh got ya man. I refused to watch pre season with crazy eyes. Just couldn't figure out how hiring the Jax reject to fix or problems made sense. Thanks for the claudication I needed on that sarcasm!
  12. Waaaaaa? Put jfm, QW and Lawson on 2nd team... Flacco's new favorite treat would be mud pie If they were hitting QB's that is....
  13. He already said that 80 times last year in case you don't remember.
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