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  1. What the hell does that have to do with anything? You see, this is what's called data, when enough similar data is compiled over a long period of time it's called a trend. A trend allows for reasonable unbiased people to be able to make more accurate predictions on certain outcomes regardless of their own personal wants. I hope this helps.
  2. Why, honestly? Ask yourself this, if any other team used the third overall pick on a QB and that QB didn't only struggle in his 1st season, but put up the worst statistical season of 32 starting QBs in the league, would you think that the prospect of a bust is out of the realm of possibility? Do you know how many rookie QBs that ended up rated last in the league after their 1st season went on to be great QBs? How about average QBs? Answer "Not one.
  3. Me or the other poster, trying to keep it straight. Again, like Zach Wilson, Jet fans, don't troll?
  4. We simply disagree in terms of evaluation of both QBs, and that's fine, time will prove who's going to be correct.
  5. Fair enough, I have very little faith that Zach can play, but agree you have to give him the year.
  6. Why is he not a Jet fan, because he doesn't share you're delusional views on Zach?
  7. Agreed, and that may not work out either. I actually believe they absolutely intended to take Jones at three and then the media and fan back lash made them blink at the last minute. Jones in that offense would have been an immediate upgrade over Jimmy G.
  8. Actually its those like you that want to pretend the boat isn't sinking until it's up to you neck that are the special ones.
  9. This is what's most infuriating, how the hell do you use the 3 pick of the draft on a guy that was pure projection?
  10. I could name half dozen that can't even handle that the prospect is even talked about. If you don't blindly believe you're called a troll.
  11. When does it become fact, one game in? Just checking because many here still refuse to admit Darnold was a bust.
  12. Who's the former poster? And is everyone that has this opinion a banned poster or do you get banned because you have this opinion?
  13. Oh no, someone is reporting something I don't like. Are you really this fragile?
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