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  1. Imagine coaching this kid? Lafleur is going to lose his lunch.
  2. JFM + The Mormon Moron=End of Game.
  3. The whole team AND half the NY tri state area knows he sucks nuts, I would be pissed, too.
  4. Maybe the issue is actually between Zach Wilson AND Moore. Wilson sucks.
  5. yeah **** him and his ******* family sick of these people.
  6. ya know what's crooked? Consistently throwing the football to the WRONG team.
  7. LEAST OF OUR PROBLEMS The Mormon Moron throws the ball to the WRONG TEAM.
  8. cool story. our QB throws the ball to the wrong team. other than that, yeah. what you said. sure.
  9. won only because of Breece Hall and in spite of our moron quarterback who sucks balls.
  10. send Zach Wilson to the moon. single handedly and solely lost this game for us.
  11. lack of focus lack of concentration. guy needs his head examined, like, for real though. needs a psychologist.
  12. hahahahahahaha send this kid to Mars, I can't stand the look of his stupid face any longer.
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