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  1. Connor is a professional. He’s not going to make a statement like that. He reports The facts and will only give his opinion if asked.
  2. The kid has a ton of talent, but was a lot more raw than they expected. Jets keep doing this. Selecting these young, raw QBs, and throwing them in the fire before they are ready.
  3. Young QBs are Lightning rods. If you say anything negative about them in the first couple of years you are downvoted hard.
  4. And it’s my PSA. Do you really want another Darnold situation where fans are at each others throats for 3 years? Would like us all to just universally see the light for a change.
  5. Carton is hilarious. He’s also an inspiring guy the way he overcame his addiction and now helps others.
  6. How am I a troll? I am a lonely guy, but I never personally insult anyone or do anything negative. Are people really this sensitive?
  7. Connor said Wilson also struggled in OTAs. I trust what Connor sees. The guy was a former player at Monmouth.
  8. I hate this. Reminds me of the fans who wanted to play Petty and Hackenberg instead of Fitzpatrick. There are 52 other guys on this roster who deserve to play with a real QB.
  9. I guess the question is if he struggled early how long do they stick with him? Jets have a lot of young players who could benefit from playing with Flacco.
  10. Connor is pretty good at this. I am Able to tell who will be good based on Connors camp observations.
  11. Well our season is usually over by Halloween so this is important to us.
  12. What about Craig Carton? He’s hilarious and talented.
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