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  1. 2 minutes ago, BloodGreen said:


    Or we can prepare ourselves for Wilson to be a superstar? Both scenarios are just as possible based on the report of one play in training camp. Nowhere in the tweet did I see Hughes make any statements about Zach’s future, he just reported on a bad throw. So based on that I would say the sky is either falling or the future is incredibly bright.

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    Connor is a professional. He’s not going to make a statement like that. He reports The facts and will only give his opinion if asked. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, heymangold said:

    Don is my favorite, I feel like I can just grab a beer with him.  Tierney is my next.  I like the Kay show so he’s 3rd.  I have a soft spot for boomer cause he’s been around the longest, jets alum.  The rest are losers.

    What about Craig Carton? He’s hilarious and talented. 

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  3. Looking to fill the void left by the Hughes podcast. I saw Costello does one. I like Costello, fascinating guy and good friends with Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts. I also think Craig Carton is really talented, but want something more Jet centric. 

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  4. Jamal was on a HOF trajectory here. His 2nd and 3rd year in the NFL was unreal. Even in 2020 with Seattle he almost set the record for sacks at the safety position. 

    I really don’t think the Jets wanted to trade him, and likely would have paid him what Seattle ended paying him had he not forced his way out of here. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    The beat was all over the place with their coverage today.  I’m seeing tweets, just now, from lesser known guys on Twitter with more details, but less exposure, hours after practice ended.

    People disliked DJ, but the dude was very good at covering every single play.  Cimini had 4 tweets throughout practice.  4, lmfao. 

    The Beat writers need to focus their coverage on the rookies. It feels like all they want to do is see Becton with his shirt off. 

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