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  1. Sometimes I wonder why I come to this forum.
  2. Can Sean Payton block? Won't matter who the coach is if this line doesn't get fixed next year. Laken Tomlinson consistently gets run over. DE's consistently run around Fant. The left side of the line is a disaster.
  3. If there was any question as to whether Mike White should start next week after Flacco stunk up the place yesterday, his comments and HIS lackadaisical attitude makes it a no brainer.
  4. I'm convinced Zach will play week 2 and that Saleh said what he did simply because he's tired of talking about. He even said he was tired of talking about it. This way, there's no point in asking him about Zach every single day. This was just his way of telling the press to STFU about Zach already. And I don't blame him. Good for him.
  5. Obviously, there's a big difference between "a workout" and practice. This qualifies as a workout:
  6. Damn! He was our BEST QB!!! Where else are the Jets going to find a guy who was good enough to be the backup QB for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers? Maybe the Arizona Cardinals will pick him up. Oh, wait ... they didn't want him either since they cut him last year.
  7. Exactly. Got a lot of people in this forum who, presumably, have watched a lot of football but still don't seem to understand that preseason games MEAN NOTHING!!! If anything, generally speaking, the more reps a player gets in preseason, the more questions the coaching staff has about them. And the staff is using preseason games to evaluate the player and answer those questions. If you base things on reps, it would appear that Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are going to be back-ups this year since they hardly played in preseason.
  8. Would this be the same Boomer who in April said the Yanks had a MAJOR problem because Kiner-Falefa (who is now batting .270) was a black hole in the lineup and can't hit (because he started the season 2 for 17)? Overreacting Boomer at it again I see.
  9. Couple of preseason games against backups playing vanilla defense and some fans want to put Pickett in the Hall of Fame. Can't make this stuff up.
  10. I think some people forgot it was just a PRESEASON game!!!
  11. I have to, begrudgingly, agree completely with the OP. I think Zach has a ton of potential but he looked as skittish and jittery as ever to open the game last night. 1st pass 10 yards of Garret's head? 3rd pass right into the gut of a defender after staring down the receiver? Seriously, WTF? I really don't see how Flacco could be any worse and would almost certainly be better.
  12. It's a mystery to me as to why Saleh would make any comment whatsoever about Zack's injury given 1) how wrong he was about Becton and 2) how nobody knows nothing until the MRI results are checked.
  13. Oh, sorry Miss Message Therapist, but the 4-square inch wash cloth covering my penis fell off. Ooops! I know this is your very 1st day in this job -- which is why I requested you -- but it's customary to, ummm, "message" me down there too.
  14. At least half of Jets fans felt Becton wasn't any good. He got run over last year by Lawson. He got run over this year by some 3rd string DE. He's fat. He's lazy. He's not motivated. He should be cut, etc., etc. Yet, somehow, now that he's gone, many of those same fans are saying this is a catastrophe and the season has been ruined. I liked Becton. Felt he had great potential. But, I can't get too upset about losing out on someone with "potential" and I had my doubts -- as many others did -- that he would survive the entire season without getting hurt anyway. So, this is not exactly a shock. The Jets did NOT lose an all-pro tackle. And I'm betting the difference between Becton and whoever replaces him will be minimal.
  15. Folks, unfortunately, Duane Brown is not the answer. He was absolutely awful last year. He's unsigned in large part because he gave up 7 sacks and 33 pressures last year. He's 37 years old ... he's done ... it's over for him. I'd rather the Jets sign D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- whose only 1 year older -- if they're going to sign an over-the-hill tackle, lol. Why the Jets Shouldn't Sign OT Duane Brown https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/why-new-york-should-not-sign-free-agent-offensive-tackle-duane-brown-scouting-report
  16. Is Flacco outplaying Wilson? (Why are there so many dumb-ass posts in this forum?)
  17. Sounds like Zach has really kicked it into high gear the last 2 days. News: Zach Wilson CAN'T MISS & Kwon Alexander is a PROBLEM!
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