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  1. This makes sense to me. No reason to let the Ravens know which QB to prepare for.
  2. A bunch of pieces were bought ... but I agree with building through the draft -- mostly.
  3. When a team cuts a player, don't they have to tell the rest of the league? I'm missing the relevance of the entire "Go Fish" metaphor, since all of the (figurative) cards are face up on the table.
  4. DC? I can't believe it hasn't all come together yet in the preseason!
  5. Looked better than White's.
  6. I hope we keep him. White is ... not good.
  7. So ... is anyone here NOT excited about this guy??? How long have we gone with basically no Edge rush? And now we might have how many guys?? Lawson is a beast. JJ may be very good and, moreover, a complete player who stops the run, and now Clemons?? Seems like the sort of thing that never happens to us. And, did I hear that Zuniga had a sack too?
  8. I don't know you at all, but I'm thrilled to hear this! Great news.
  9. Late hit on Hurts was awful. Hope the guy is fined, even if he's a Jet.
  10. I agree ... at least mostly. Becton has the potential to be the best run blocker in the league and at least above average in pass blocking. We all saw what he did to a bevy of pass rush guys in 2020. So, there's no way the OL is as good as it would be if Becton were out there playing anywhere close to his ceiling. The OL may still be very good, and probably won't prevent ZW from improving substantially (if that's what he's capable of) but no reason to assume the ceiling is the same. The floor may now be higher, as we have less injury risk now than before, but ceiling no way.
  11. This is all exciting. Now that we know we have two competent starters at OT, the idea that Max Mitchell, a 4th, could be our backup/swing OT, and way ahead of schedule, is very exciting. Whatever your view of Becton was, every team suffers injuries. The good teams seem to find a way regardless. It would be great to think we're actually one of them.
  12. We don't mind when fans do that.
  13. Being right without sound reasoning isn't impressive. Red doesn't become any better or worse bet based in whether red or black, by chance, happens to hit.
  14. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. Brown is a LT though, and we'd need to move Fant to RT where he has been so-so. Ideally, we get a RT or swing guy. Is Peters still out there? He goes ... both ways ... I believe?
  16. I do not like this one little bit. After a few years of not being on the field I may at some point become a tad less optimistic.
  17. I didn't claim to be anyone. It's a made up name. But whatevs. Can't please everyone.
  18. How much effort should i be committing to this?
  19. I can't say that's nuts. You make a fine point ... but we don't know enough to be as certain that Becton is done for.
  20. I'm fine with doubtful. It's the certainty that he's a wasted pick I find absurd.
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