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  1. Happy to ... but haven't you seen your wife's nips already?
  2. "How do you know she's a witch?" "She looks like one."
  3. I have an ego, so I hate admitting when I've ****ed up ... but I apologize.
  4. Someone asked me how long I've been rooting for the Jets and I said since the 70s. I'm not new to the Jets, or the planet, just this board.
  5. Let's see how many normies vs how many chickadees.
  6. And I'll take you seriously the minute you comment on substance, not spelling.
  7. Can anyone provide an English translation?
  8. Much like any other Jet board I've ever seen, I've seen a common theme is the Chicken Littles vs. the Non. In this instance, everyone who "knows" that Bechton was a wasted pick, and that of course he won't play much this year and we should have chosen someone, anyone, else at that spot, qualifies as a Chicken Little.
  9. I can't believe Bechton had a setback, possibly minor, in early August. There's obviously no way he'll be able to play football at any point between September and January.
  10. So far, the only one in which he's actually played, in light of last year's injury. Every moment he was on the field he was a good or better T, so the comparison with S Hill doesn't work. You know that!
  11. Interesting that Wesco is shown as the 3rd TE. We'll see ...
  12. Except for the part where Bechton played GREAT his rookie year.
  13. This, 100%. Berrios is 4th. Unless Mims knocks him down a peg. I suppose the Jets could decide they're NEVER putting E. Moore or G. Wilson in the slot ... but I really don't see that happening. I see it as a week to week matchup decision. And play to play.
  14. Indeed. Interesting question would be which WRs to line up in such a formation. Best run blockers are probably C. Davis and Mims. The idea of leaving G. Wilson and E. Moore on the bench even for one play makes me want to throw up, but for the right matchup against the right defense, I can choke down a little vomit.
  15. I apologize. It was wrong of me to say something different than what you said. I'll just repeat every single thing you say from now on.
  16. I agree that 11 personnel (with 3WR) will be the most common formation we use. I actually didn't say otherwise. But I do not expect Berrios to play a majority of the snaps. He's a very good backup, but just a backup ... in addition to being a return guy. And while I hope everyone now understands that E Moore played amazing as a X and Z last year, he and also G Wilson can also play slot, and I think you'll see the Jets mix it up quite a bit based on matchups. I would absolutely expect a majority of our 3WR sets (when all are healthy) to include C. Davis at the X and G Wilson/E Moore, in either order, at the Y and Z.
  17. You're missing the point though (I say respectfully) It's not a hypothetical question of whether he could excel on the outside. He already has. And at an extremely high level -- better than his performance in the slot. Might he be even better in the slot this year? Maybe. But that's the unknown.
  18. The separate thread about Eli Moore as a wide out vs in the slot got me thinking ... Given that we finally have not one one decent TE but two decent TEs, I wonder how often we'll even have a slot WR on the field. We may end up in 12 persone1 RB, 2 TE for any newbs) quite a lot. I also wonder if we might see some more 21 or even 22 personnel, given that Breece and MC I can both catch and there may be some matchups vs slow LBs to exploit. So weird to think we might not only have good players but a whole bunch with different features allowing us to pick and choose based on our opp.
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