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  1. Que??? Definitely not new to JetFandom.
  2. "The difference in output is night and day. Moore has not done much of anything in the slot. When lined up as the outermost receiver to his side, he has been playing at a superstar-caliber level. He is just as capable of dominating along the sidelines as your favorite tall, big-bodied, “No. 1” wide receiver."
  3. As I understand it, Moore's performance out wide was better than in the slot. Some info: https://jetsxfactor.com/2021/11/23/elijah-moore-outside-wr-slot/
  4. Haven't in a long time. Way too much time & effort. I'm happy watching while I sit on my couch, stuff my face, and yell at the sky. I do miss the energy of the stadium though.
  5. OT, but I do not see Eli Moore as primarily playing the slot. I'd say he plays 50% or more of his snaps outside.
  6. Since the mid to late 70s. I've got the open sores to prove it.
  7. Agree 100%. Let's get him able to play safe an execute. Make that a baseline. Then, when it makes sense, can always try to be the hero.
  8. I'd be willing to move Mims for some reasonable value, but seems to me nuts to just cut him. And if nothing else he can play a role. For example, I can envision a goaline package where he and C. Davis are in along with the TEs. Both are fantastic run blockers and both have some height for a jump ball. In any case, I'd hang onto him a bit to see what happens. C. Davis probably won't be back next year I don't think, though I haven't checked his contract (lately).
  9. Ok ... I think I can trust you ...
  10. Is this like prison? Is there someone I need to kick in the balls to show how tough I am? Bring her to me!
  11. Ah, to be a Jet fan. As always we absolutely MUST sign every possible FA. Of course, I get that we need a swing tackle ... though I'm not sure how that applies to a guy who has never played RT in his life. I'll just get my popcorn and see how this unfolds.
  12. So, are those tissues for my tears or ... how shall I say this ... the other?
  13. Well, that's gonna be a judgment call. Undoubtedly, I'll be crying, but it will be for other reasons.
  14. Sorry to hear. Looks like you're taking your own advice! Obviously, since I'm here I have several medical and law degrees ... but perhaps I'll quiz everyone else from time to time for yuks.
  15. I'm often positive and often feel like I have no clue. I tend not to be constantly pissed off as if I know better than the team, as many fans are wont to be.
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