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  1. No we upgraded
  2. Wilson’s best throw of year 2 as the jets franchise qb was a completion to Kyzir White
  3. The most disturbing thing about tonight was our defense. All these draft picks and it looks just as putrid as last year
  4. The irony of this situation is that Mike White was already better than Zach Wilson
  5. And what exactly has Wilson shown besides zero and nothing?
  6. Does minshew bring the eagles coaching staff and their offensive line along with him?
  7. Douglas and Saleh are both dead men walking. The defense looks beyond horrible and our offensive line stinks
  8. So who are you going to blame that Zach locks onto receivers?
  9. I think you mean the bad interception Wilson threw so much #POTENTIAL!
  10. His resume Saleh already looking for a DC job somewhere for ‘23
  11. Confirmed Wilson officially a bust first rd qb
  12. How sad is it Ray fing Lucas had a better career as a Jet QB than Zach Wilson
  13. Forget about the Wilson injury. The defense looks atrocious. This offensive line can’t get any push at all in the running game The Becton injury ended our season. Wilson is a bust he’s now got his excuse for year 2
  14. Jimmy G makes sense for us. Probably would only cost a middle round pick otherwise it’s Mike White time
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