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  1. I agree with this. But they can be untrustworthy and still be correct sitting him out until now... Bone Bruise timeline was always longer then the meniscus fix... Although Main stream media only reported the sooner time frame. Multiple knowledgeable gambling and fantasy guru doctors (tend to be very connected because it's important for their job) talked about 6-8 weeks for a bone bruise... Including Jene Bremel a reputable doctor for footballguys.com. I agree I don't trust these doctors on the jets... But I am in the camp that this was always the timeline. Saleh just wanted to be optimistic that it would be quicker.
  2. Dicey... Umm I disagree with that... Miami isn't asgood as people think... Neither is green bay or Denver... Maybe bills are hard but they should sweep the pats
  3. No matter what the reason or conspiracy theory is... Jets doctors haven't cleared him yet... So this is on Zach now
  4. For sure... 100%. I cried at Johan's no hitter.... Yes a lousy mets fan too
  5. I think it's protection and trusted with reading defenses ... Just my thoughts.. Largest back... Can take on bigger players
  6. Eh give it time... Hall has a lot to learn about protections and will eventually take over Mc is great at being Slippery... Ty Johnson I never understood keeping him until I saw the last few drives... He is absolutely in there for protection... He is their best blocking rb.. Never figured it out till now
  7. Agreed the team needed OL and DL way more then special teams players
  8. 1 thing to note is a lot of the arm tackling in the 4th quarter has to do with defensive players thinking they had to make a turnover rather then just making the tackle and Saleh even said as much in his post game... He addressed by saying they have to learn to tackle before going for the ball they shouldn't have been selling out for the turnover.... And he said that needs to be corrected... Joyner is just collecting a pay check but Tony Adams got beat bad twice... Not sure the solution there.
  9. The punter and kicker both played very critical parts in the victory... No matter how much you hate them.
  10. And bitching about not drafting cade York and how the jets are going to regret it.
  11. Yet this is why you don't draft a kicker in the 4th round... They all suck sometimes... JD must have failed... Zuerline his a 57 yarder and cade York misses the extra point to allow the jets the victory.
  12. Nice extra point kick. Thank you. Who was those posters talking about giving up max Mitchell or Clemons for the best kicker in the draft. Irony is not forgotten on this call.
  13. Jets won... Saleh is the head coach... For this year and more... Deal with it
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