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  1. Jets win the next 2 weeks they are in first bearing that Miami loses 1 game
  2. I disagree... Years of experience allow a QB to diagnose plays faster... Whether you believe or not statistics bear it out
  3. He is also 5 years older, so he should be processing things quicker
  4. PFF is an attempt to try measure success with a metric beyond standard stats... It is useful and it does a good job but using it as a 1 source as they want it to be is inherently flawed as most statistics are. Especially since they are guessing the design of the play without fully knowing. It's not as bad as people make it out... But it's not as good as they want it to be.
  5. And maybe he hates his significant other too... We have all been in heated arguments with our significant other... This is just high profile because he is a millionaire and she escalated the situation by saying he has guns.
  6. Sure I was pissed then too... But favre withheld the injury from the team...
  7. True I was thinking more the quick decision making skills and making the right reads more then arm strength... Pennington was super accurate and Mike White is decently accurate... I was more or less saying don't expect big throws outside the numbers or offschedule plays. But running a playboom efficiently is a skill that white seems to Excell in... I just hope bills don't expose him again.
  8. I am a betting man and I put decent money on the jets to win the division and for the pats to come in last place in the division +2200 and +450 respectively... I already covered all the bets for the year on the over 6.5 wins at +135... So that's nice... Everything else is gravy... Breece hall would have made me a lot of money if he stayed healthy for 2 more games... I was heavy in 850 over rushing yards
  9. Come on... It's not like they are playing KC or Philly... This defense is top tier.
  10. Against the jets defense in reality, what qb scares you... Josh Allen Maybe Tua because of the supporting cast.. The rest are mediocre... Goff, Geno, cousins, and Lawrence... Yes they can be good but this defense is really quite good... Now look at defensive matchups... Bills are the only good defense left They can win out
  11. 13-4 here we come Although 12-5 is more likely... I have been saying this since before the season... Losing the pats games both of them I did not count on... Now they need to win out... Minn they match up well against... And same kinda goes for the rest of the non-division games... Honestly Buffalo and Miami are the 2 toughest games left...
  12. Zach Wilson can easily get a 1st rounder in return... Although this forum likes to call him a bust and his stats are bad... The talent is there and fundamentals are there occasionally... If he stopped being lazy with his feet his stats would be very different. Whether it can be corrected or not will be something to see. Zach is not garbage... He is broken... His own doing... If the jets trade him, a team would give a first no issue. But this front office won't give up on him... Unless he becomes a locker room issue. QW was never a bust, he is in a position and scheme that needs edge rushers to free him up... Now he has them... This was always the case but again, you can be disappointed but he was producing always getting better even though it didn't show on the stat sheet.
  13. I prefer the bills win and Jets win the next week when they are facing each other for 1st place
  14. Agreed... I hope Mike White can prove the same... I am skeptical of the performance only because the bears defense is heavily depleted... I think he will also ball out versus vikings... But I kinda wonder how the Buffalo game will go with their defense getting healthy... Especially if Miller comes back by then.
  15. No it's not... It's the truth... Dismiss all you want... I am just giving you real information.
  16. Also, Saleh didn't want Wilson... He actually wanted JD to trade for Russell Wilson but Denver outbid them when they lost out on Aaron Rodgers... Bet you didn't know that... Dodged a huge bullet there
  17. Just wait... The story will come out... You can brush me off all you want..
  18. He is Chad Pennington if he can stay healthy
  19. This was Woody Johnson saying that zach cannot start... As much as I love Saleh and praise him for his composure... He cannot sit Zach without Woody... It's not a story yet... But again Woody was at Foxborough and embarrassed, he needed to sit... This is why Saleh was 2 hours late on Monday presser
  20. Or it also took talent and age and health... Not saying it's the same but there is a decent probability that zach will improve greatly in his third year... Especially if he responds well to the benching... Sure, there might be a greater probability of him failing from here but if he can read faster(happens over time), be more decisive, and not be lazy with his feet he could be a top 10 qb... Because he has that kind of arm talent. Again not predicting it will, and right now they don't need that type of qb... But giving up right now is not productive. And this forum is extremely reactionary..
  21. Read the message board from those years... It will show you although you are more tempered in your response... Their were a lot wondering if they could trade him for a 2nd rounder
  22. Remember when most posters wanted to cut QW after his rookie year... Or called him a bust after year 2... Or said he is not worthy of a second contract because of what it will cost after his 3rd year... Because I remember...
  23. I know everyone loves to pile on the Zach hatred but go look at the post game of Zach's first 2 games this season... You are very wrong
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