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  1. I’m concerned our “success” (winning 7 games with zero qb talent on the roster) has already convinced JD and Woody we don’t need Aaron Rodgers and should be just fine settling for clowns like Jimmy G or Andy Dalton
  2. Trevino was average until august and then got exposed. Higgy is horrible. Actually, saying he’s horrible offensively is generous. And he is not a good defensive catcher the Yankees cannot go into another year with an 8 man lineup again
  3. Spoiler alert: —Rodgers gets traded to 49ers just a couple months after they trade for McCaffrey —Jets sign Jimmy G —Zach starts week 1 –JD and Saleh fired Black Monday Jan 24
  4. Plus he’s JD and Woody’s plan to ninja Zach into the week 1 NY Jets starting lineup Sign Jimmy G. Jimmy G gets injured tripping over air during the summer and JD and Zach’s wonder child gets another shot to stink again
  5. Only problem is the 49ers have actually seen Zach play
  6. I still have my doubts despite parts of the media wishing it to be true because it would generate a ton of clicks. This organization is too stupid
  7. Easy fix: put in the next referee Union CBA any league official discovered to be gambling gets automatically fired one strike policy. I don’t care if it’s a $1 damn lottery ticket they got at a gas station
  8. He’s not returning early barring injury. He has 2 years $110 million on likely his last ever payday contract of his life We are not sticking with Wacky Zacky the Bust. Give it up.
  9. Rodgers + jets current roster = Super Bowl favorites
  10. Jimmy G will tear an ACL during the summer while shopping for groceries
  11. I’m a sadist. That’s why I’m going to watch Nathaniel Hackett and Zach Wilson for 17 Sundays next fall. That’s the A-Team right there bro
  12. I have never seen a player show so little yet garner so much loyalty as Zach Wilson
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