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  1. thanks for sharing. If Zach Wilson struggled emotionally with Mike LaFleur's "tough love" he will need a therapist with Marrone's version
  2. Bevell is the guy that blew the super bowl for Seattle. One of the dumbest play calls in NFL history but yeah maybe he will rescue Zach Wilson
  3. Rodgers is halfway retired. You dont want a guy going through the motions like that and Hackett completely sucks
  4. No I disagree A couple things about Jackson. 1) his mom is his agent 2) those figures are according to sources and the Ravens are much more shrewd with contracts and media relations than his mother the contract extension figures could be wrong, the Ravens just playing her. Or she very well could've made a mistake in declining a big offer as she is inexperienced in these matters. Either way it is not going to take over $50 million per year for anyone to sign him
  5. No he doesnt He just completed his 5th season and has 727 career carries. LeVeon Bell for comparison had nearly 1,300 after year 5
  6. Right but he's not a RB, he's a QB. So he has less carries and less mileage on him than RBs typically do at this point in their careers. You are getting a RB and a QB for the price of one. He would be incredible in this offense that I think is a perfect fit for a running QB with Breece Hall's speed and Garrett Wilson's downfield prowess
  7. He gets hurt one season and now he's not durable Learn the game, watch how he runs the football, he runs it like a RB not a QB, thats why he can absorb hits and play a long time.
  8. Carr is quite possibly the opposite of Zach Wilson He is very scripted and runs the plays as designed from the pocket, period. He almost never makes off-platform plays or decisions. He is well liked by his teammates and is resilient when dealing with dysfunctional coaching staffs/front offices
  9. thank you for the translation It could happen for sure
  10. What is that supposed to mean? Can anyone who speaks emoji please translate?
  11. Woody wouldn’t make a pimple on Hess’ ass Hess is a war hero and built his fortune himself. Woody is a pussy who had everything handed to him
  12. I think it would be a good move. Look at Detroit, they are hiring former players at almost every position coach. They have taken great strides. Players listen to former players
  13. Paul Hackett’s kid is a non-starter. Erase him from the list
  14. Longest playoff drought in professional sports but the guys at Al's tailgate party let Woody hang out for a half hour once so ya know, Jets fans are optimistic. FFS this team owner sucks so bad
  15. Wow... there's so much wrong with that, I dont know where to begin
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