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  1. Not sure why anyone thinks the Jets have a chance here. Steelers aren’t great, but their coaching is significantly better. Does anyone truly believe Robert Saleh will have the team prepared?
  2. I hate Steelers fans with a passion. Most of them are total frauds. There was a time when we beat them. Of course we beat some crappy Steelers teams at home. Duck Hodges game and the corpse of Michael Vick beat them. Unfortunately don’t see a win today in the cards. The coaching and QB play is too substandard. https://youtu.be/1NOtXS0IwHc
  3. Seems like a pretty successful guy. He’s now writing for SI. Guy must know some stuff.
  4. https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/.amp/news/why-new-york-jets-should-not-start-zach-wilson-this-week-pittsburgh-steelers
  5. Not optimistic. I think this will be a very ugly offensive display from Zach and the Jets.
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