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  1. Alijah Vera-Tucker is already more valuable to this franchise than Adams ever was, and that was only the return on the 2021 draft class. The 2022 return is Garrett Wilson who has also shown huge potential, especially with run after the catch capabilities. We already have a potential perennial pro-bowl caliber O-lineman and a WR with huge upside. We can all thank Jamal Adams because of his unique ability to blitz the QB on early downs and create sacks. That was great for the stat sheet and for pumping up his trade value. However, his play did not often result in change of possession. To be an elite safety in the league you need to create turnovers or defend passes on third downs, of which he did neither. I wish I knew how many of his sacks or pressures were on third downs, but I do not recall too many. Thank you Joe Douglas for not only executing a great trade where we could dump a malcontent, but also potentially flipping those 3 picks into 2 potential cornerstone players.
  2. Hello everyone, I have long followed these topics and finally taking the plunge into participating. I am very happy with the win, the 4th Q resiliency, and players like Zach Wilson and Corey Davis really showing up in the 4th Q as well as finally the D stepping up in a big moment and causing a turnover when we needed the ball back. However, then end of the first half bothers me as it was the type of sequence that separates the great coaches from the mediocre and the bad ones. We have the ball around the Pitt 30 yard line approaching halftime with 2 offenses playing putrid football. Zach looks like he of last year holding the ball too long and back peddling to evade the pass rush rather than stepping up in the pocket to create an extra split second and delivering the ball. With the 2 offenses playing that way, we could have run the ball or taken a short, low risk pass and kicked the FG and been up 13-3 going into halftime. Instead, we throw the ball downfield and INT. To follow that. we commit a 15 yard RTP play that results in a long FG and a 6 point swing. These are the little JET things that often result in losses instead of wins. Do we even practice avoiding 15yd penalties? There are a handful of things coaches need to do to change the outcome of games. Understanding when to go for it on 4th down, when to throw the challenge flag, clock management at end of half and game (The demise of Herm Edwards existence), and halftime adjustments. Saleh has been good on 4th downs, mediocre on challenge flags, questionable on time management, and poor on halftime adjustments and accountability. Still too many dumb mistakes like 15 yard penalties or lousy starting field position with Special Teams penalties and poor return decisions. I hope Saleh improves. However, in conclusion, if we see more 4th Q Zach and less 1st 3 Q's Zach, this team has the potential to play consistent winning football. If Belichek/Brady has taught us anything, it is that the QB position in football is the most important position in all of team sports and supersedes the skillset of the head coach. Enjoy critiquing my analysis. Bleeding Green from the sunny state of SW FL. I needed this win today as my home flooded.
  3. Good 4th Q today, an integral part of the comeback
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