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  1. I’ve read articles where it looks like a for sure thing.
  2. Not only did you guys whip our asses last year in NY now your going to steal our QB on top of it. Ouch.
  3. We’re spoiled right lol?
  4. Yeah but we haven’t won since then. You guys also whooped us last season.
  5. I believe you guys lead the season series between our 2 teams.
  6. We don’t have any hatred against you guys at all.
  7. I’ll be pulling for him to be successful for you guys. I would love to see him make you guys a top team.
  8. You guys destroyed us in what was supposed to be a brutal game for you guys.
  9. I actually thought going into last year we were better than you guys. Boy was I wrong.
  10. You guys love picking up former Packers right lol?
  11. Yeah we also had a field goal and punt blocked too.
  12. Yes it was but Im not going to use that as an excuse. You think you guys still would have won against a healthy Rodgers? I honestly still think we would have lost.
  13. Rodgers was awful against you guys last year. He will obviously do better this year behind your O line.
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