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  1. I agree he has a quick release and that has helped him stay relatively healthy (especially in the earlier part of his career). But for the last couple of years he has been hurt every season, fortunately never season ending injuries. Generally speaking I think when your pushing 40 you can be injured easier and your injuries tend to last longer. Doing whatever we can through the draft or a trade to protect whoever our QB is a good thing. But with a QB who will be 40 yrs old next season if we don’t address this now during this offseason we are just tempting fate once the season starts.
  2. We can’t afford to give Green Bay our first round draft pick this year. We will need as much help as we can get on OL to protect Aaron Rodgers (and all the money we are spending to get him as our QB). How does it help us bringing in Aaron Rodgers and watching him get hurt (like MW & ZW getting knocked out of games). When you’re 39 and you get knocked out of a game you usually don’t come back for the rest of that season . . . or possibly ever because you say to yourself f*ck this! I’m better off retiring so I don’t have my head handed to me every week playing for a team that can’t protect its QB.
  3. While I agree with most of what has been said, without a good offensive line (that can both pass protect and establish a running game), you are basically asking any rookie QB to learn on the job while running for his life on every play. Then because of our OL's inability to control the line scrimmage we have poor pass blocking and little to no blocking for the running game . . . which results in our rookie QB's getting hurt. I am not a Zach fan and would like to not see him be our starting QB, but we give almost any QB we bring in here very little chance for success without a much improved OL.
  4. Just Stick With Zach Wilson... Sounds like something a sadist might say . . . I get it everyone assumes that all Jets fans must be masochists anyway! LOL
  5. Yes, we should get a 4th tight end and maybe keep getting more receivers too and why not a few more running backs too while we’re at it. Wait I forgot who is exactly is throwing the ball to all of these TE & WR players? Also who exactly is going to be blocking to allow our QB enough time to throw the ball to all of these TE’s & WR’a and also keep our QB from getting hurt? Yeah I guess we should probably fix our QB and OL first before we keep adding more TE’s & WR’s.
  6. Regardless of who our QB is, we need a good OL to protect him from getting hurt and allowing him enough time to execute the play successfully. How we get a good OL either by draft or by trade (or a combination of the two) it needs to get done. We can't have one of the worse ranked OL in football and ever expect to get into the playoffs or want any decent QB's to come play for us. Good veteran QBs know having a solid OL is the key to their longevity. They think of having a good OL like a famous person does who has a personal security detail. They want it made up of competent bodyguards, and not just a bunch of big guys who are unable to protect you when somebody tries to take you out.
  7. Yeah me too been a fan since 1968 but I only did season tix for 10 yrs. I couldn’t afford them when I was younger and then I stopped after they built the current stadium without a dome when the games later in the season I was starting to feel the cold down in my lower back . . . guess I just got too old.
  8. I thought the field conditions were a total joke it’s just lucky no one got really hurt (especially the kickers) playing on it! How do you have them playing on a field that looks like you are watching a Pop Warner football field when you have consumers spending 16.5 billion and advertisers spending 6.5 billion, a total of 23 billion dollars and that’s before the gambling money that was wagered on the game?
  9. Our win/loss and divisional champion records are abysmal by anyones standards. For me it has been like a never ending "Nightmare On Elm Street" movie for these past 50+ years . . . with a couple of winning seasons sprinkled in every once in a blue moon after our watershed Super Bowl III win. I know its not a popular drafting or trade strategy around here, but looking back on this past 1/2 century of watching our Jets QB's run for their lives and/or get hurt every season, I can't help but think they all could have benefitted if we had built one of the best pass protecting offensive lines in football. I realize if we ever try to do this the other positions would suffer while we were creating a great line. But when I think back to what I think may have been our best offensive line back in the early 80's (with Chris Ward, Randy Rasmussen, Joe Fields, Dan Alexander, and our perennial all pro Marvin Powell) you at least gave your QB a chance to succeed because he didn't have to run for his life the whole game. I guess if we don't want to draft or trade to try and improve our offensive line, we really need to get a QB that is both very mobile (so he can successfully run for his life) and also very sturdy (so he can take a beating and not get hurt). Somebody like Josh Allen comes to mind . . . of course we passed on him for Sam Darnold . . . because we can't seem to ever draft good QB's.
  10. You may be correct in nobody wants to (as in looking forward to) . . . but if the money is right somebody ultimately will. The stronger we make our offensive line the more comfortable a veteran QB will be in coming here. It makes it harder when they think they might have to be running for their life or have their ribs broken (or some other type of injury) because we can’t protect our QB.
  11. Yes, I agree Purdy is no Joe Namath. He only threw for 214 yds, but that was still more yds than Prescott threw for (even though Dak threw the ball 8 more times than Brock). The most important statistic to me was Purdy had no INT’s compared to Dak’s 2 picks. Purdy in his 1st playoff game last week (which was the 5th game of his career), threw 3 TD’s and again no INT’s. So in 2 playoff games of his 6 game career Purdy has thrown 3TD’s with no INT’s. I agree these are not HOF QB statistics . . . but a total of 546 yds passing, 3 TD’s, no INT’s in your first 2 playoff games is not bad for any rookie QB. What gets to me the most is San Francisco is only paying Brock 3.7 million for 4 years, while we have to pay Zach 10 times that at 35 million for 4 years!
  12. I agree but my main point is we don’t have to only draft our QB’s in the first round because we have done that the last 3 times with very little success.
  13. My mistake, Marino was selected with the 2nd to last pick (27) in the first round back when they were only 28 teams. But that still leaves 12 of 13 HOF QB’s I listed, plus with my omission of Kurt Warner (the most recent addition to the HOF of QB’s), it brings the list back to 13 which is a lot of HOF QB’s not selected in the 1st round. There are also a lot of very good QB’s who were not selected in the 1st round who did not get into the HOF.
  14. This is why we should never take another QB in the first round with a high pick again because we can’t draft good QB’s based on our history. When you look back through NFL history some of the greatest QB’s weren’t drafted in the 1st round or if they were they were rarely drafted with the 1st or 2nd pick of the draft like we did with Zach. Partial list of Hall of Fame QB’s not selected in the 1st round: Joe Montana Dan Marino Roger Staubach Craig Morton Bart Starr Johnny Unitas Brett Favre Ken Stabler Dan Fouts John Hadl Sonny Jurgensen George Blanca Warren Moon (undrafted)
  15. Spending a high #1 draft pick on a QB has not worked out for the Jets in a very long time. Some of the best QB’s in NFL history were not first round draft picks. This year’s “Mr. Irrevelant” (last guy picked in the draft) was Brock Purdy and he looked pretty good as the 49er’s QB when I watched him play last weekend. My point is the quality of your team makes a big difference . . . so we may be better off spending our first round draft picks in the future on building a quality team around whoever our QB is (and hopefully it won’t be Zach Wilson).
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