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  1. Hey guys, it looks like a lot of you are refreshing this page constantly, this is killing things on the back end, keep in mind there is an auto ajax that will refresh the page for you and show you new replies when selected. Hope this helps.. Thank you
  2. Technology changes, caching items is the way forward, this is done at a server level, a software level, and a browser level in 2016, if someone is seeing issues as were mentioned, clearing the cache is the first step, so while most won't ever need to do so, some configurations on the user end are not something we can control. For example if you have browser side caching which is enabled by default on some browsers, that is not something we have clear in some cases.
  3. You shouldn't have too, I never do for example, however some browsers are very picky, and due to the many operating systems and browsers supported, some have quirks.
  4. I looked into this last night, this is a conflict with the ad code, which is breaking this, Max is looking into this now.
  5. Can you try clearing your browser cache, then refreshing the page again?
  6. Ipads and third party apps such as chrome can be a bit tricky, we target safari on IOS specifically, but do not test with chrome on an ipad, as safari is so good on ios it's not really common to run chrome on it. I'll do some testing though now that I know your os and browser device though.
  7. Can you try a different browser to help narrow this down? I'm not able to duplicate using the following WIn 10 - IE, Chrome FF OSX - FF Safari, Chrome Thank you
  8. There is no dot or star on the notification so I'm a little confused, here, which page with the dot/star are you referring too? the forum page? or the VNC/Stream? Please provide a link to the page perhaps.
  9. Please try clearing your browser cache, then try again, if it repeats, please provide a page this is happening on? a forum page or the vnc stream?
  10. Delete your cookies and try again please, if it repeats, let me know what operating system and browser please.
  11. That is the preferred method, I like them personally as I'm not always staring at the tab etc, so it help in my case, just as it did now to see this reply. No spam, nothing harmful at all, it just allows the site to use your browsers built in notifications to display your notifications that you select in your settings.
  12. Good to hear, there should be a setting to "not for this site etc" if you just dismiss it, it will come back again, you would need to select "never for this site if needed"
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