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  1. Does anyone else eat these things like crack? They're tasty as hell, but they make you want to die about ten minutes after eating a pack of them.
  2. TomShane

    The Front Page Upcoming!!!

    As you can see, our site is under construction. What we're trying to do is create the best website of all time. Any suggestions you have will be appreciated. Our FRONT PAGE will be up shortly, as we're still putting it together. We're really excited about some cool stuff we have going up there. Some new features you may like are: ~The Last/Last Word Debate: In this feature article, a moderator (me) introduces a topic to two pre-selected combatants who get to hash it out. As the debate moves along, the moderator will decide who "wins." The LOSER gets the Last Word, a concession speech, and the winner gets the Last/Last Word, where they get 100 words to finalize their point and gloat a bit. It should be fun. Upcoming topics scheduled are: The New Jets Stadium, Yay or Nay?; Is Derek Jeter Over-Rated?; The Patriots are a Legitimate Dynasty; and, The Mets Will Get More Wins Than the Yankees This Season. If you would like to participate in any of these debates, or you have a good idea for other debates, E-mail me at TomShane@Jetnation.com. ~Post of the Day: The best post of the day gets a premiere spot on the Front Page. Criteria includes creativity, content, cogency, humor, and/or clarity. Get posting! ~Contests: We'll be hosting a few contests as the year goes on. Some of these will be: The Mock Draft Accuracy Contest, Pick the win total for the Yanks, Pick the win total for the Mets and the March Madness Bracket Contest. The prize to be won for each contest is a sweet Jetnation.com long-sleeved T-Shirt that we're designing right now. Don't send me a million E-mails yet telling me your picks for all of these things. Rules and whatnot will be posted soon. ~The 'Decade Grade': We'll be reviewing decade grades for the Jets, Pats, Dolphins and Bills in the next few weeks. In these articles, we'll be discussing the last 10 years of each franchise, including great memories, crushies defeats, great personnel moves and awful draft picks. Anyone who has great/horrible memories they'd like to share, we'll have you send those in to be included in the "How I Saw It" section of the article. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas about articles or the "look" of the site let us know. We have some great things coming, but we're always looking for new ideas. We consider this a community website (except that Maxman is the evil Czar), and we want to make it THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB. Help us out!

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