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  1. I was waiting for that. You never disappoint me, Savage.
  2. Did you see the girls yesterday (USA against Finland). Finland looked flat. Terrible skaters. Did you watch Krissy Wendell? A talented player and has Ovechkinesque moves. Women's hockey sucks.
  3. Check out the front page: The Almighty Dollar http://www.jetnation.com/?p=398 Thanks, Tyson!
  4. DePietro lets in AT LEAST one bad goal a game. Whether it's due to lack of consistent focus or being generally overrated, he is among the least effective goalies in the league this year. His reaction time is just awful.
  5. You're a sweetheart, Joe!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.
  6. I am having the best Valentine's Day of my life!!!!! My Valentine took me to the world's most romantic restaurant for dinner last night (One If By Land) and sent me the most beautiful roses. And bought me a DVD of romantic love story. Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone. Hope your day is as happy as mine!
  7. I inadvertently forgot to thank Max's wife and the rest of his family for their patience while Max spent hours building the site. Thank you, JFBM. If not for your patience and understanding, we wouldn't be here today.
  8. This Saturday will mark the one-year anniversary of our website. It
  9. Good luck! Hope you get it sorted out soon. TGG.com is a great site.
  10. Beautiful child, Alk. Congratulations to you and Mrs. Alk.
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