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    Die hard Jets fan.
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    New York Yankees, New York Jets
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    Formerly Known as Max...

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    1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

    2. The playoff win against the Colts. I sent my money in. Many people didn't. That felt good. Plus it was a blow out win.
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    Yes since 1988.
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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Maxman

    2020 NY Yankees

    Yankees got lucky last night. A lot of cluch hitting but so much luck. Especially in the 9th, the ball bounced the right way, that was crazy. Not complaining though.
  2. Maxman

    2020 NY Yankees

    I was surprised by this as well, they put up a list last night with Mickey Lolich. Not sure what the exact criteria was but I didn't see Koufax on the list last night.
  3. Sorry about this, I will look into this and ask them to make sure it doesn't happen again. I think the can recategorize the ad, I will check. Thanks.
  4. If Sam isn't perfect you have to fire Gase. If Sam is perfect you still have to fire Gase. Friday.
  5. Herndon got hurt and missed all.last year. This year he dropped a ball in the end zone. He isn't playing well, this is not Gase's fault.
  6. Looks like Gase's work is all.done here then lol.
  7. Maxman

    2020 NY Yankees

    Let's go Yankees!!!
  8. Maxman

    2020 NY Yankees

    Let's go Yankees!!!
  9. Hey no worries. I have one constant rule with the site. That is it can't cause us any stress. Your breakdowns are amazing, but it is totally understandable that you had your fill on Sunday. The Jets cause us enough stress. Thanks!
  10. You're just trolling because you know the other banned poster is a guy. Since you're just chatting people away I removed you from this topic
  11. I'm on page one and you have already ruined this thread. Not feeling good about page 2 and 3.

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