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    New York Yankees, New York Jets
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    Formerly Known as Max...

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    1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

    2. The playoff win against the Colts. I sent my money in. Many people didn't. That felt good. Plus it was a blow out win.
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    Yes since 1988.
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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Moore should have known that and run right. He couldn't have made the situation with LaFleur any worse.
  2. Same I thought it was going to be bad. He called the 4 QBs a good experience, that is a positive spin if one ever existed.
  3. I'd love to see him on Kickoffs. Antonio Cromartie vibes.
  4. THEY BEAT THE BILLS WITH ZACH WILSON. STEELERS TOO. Zach 2025 is a thing and there is nothing you can do to stop it. (Damn I should have done this in its own thread and tagged you. 2,000 posts easy lol).
  5. Yeah I was worried about Aaron too. Nah, I am retiring. Good luck with all my boys though, they will love Zach lol.
  6. I can't remember the Jets ever being talked about before the season as a team that could win the Super Bowl. That is what we are headed towards. In 4 years I will probably be missing games because I need a new hip or something lol. You have a shot to win, win.
  7. If he bails after one year and the Jets win it all I am okay with that.
  8. @Tranquilo @choon328 I didn't see who started it. So please spare me the other guy started it messages. What we do know is a back-and-forth like what is going on in this thread isn't allowed. Kindly just ignore each other. Thank you!
  9. It is interesting, I asked a few different ways and it kept saying it didn't know. They I put my name in there and it caved. Don't put Chat GPT on the witness stand, it will rat you out!
  10. Here is my take: 1. The Jets have a defense that is capable of winning a Super Bowl 2. The Jets have some young talent on offense that seem Super Bowl level 3. These both happened with the worst QB play in the league. So you could have signed Carr and fall short every year and have a nice 5 year run. -Or- you can bring in the one guy that makes this team a Super Bowl contender. I am 53, and none of us are getting any younger. Rodgers loves Hackett so maybe they have a two year commitment from him. And after they win the next two, maybe he comes back for a 3rd. Maybe they redo the deal. All I know is if you have a chance to win it all, go for it.
  11. Dude you can't give up. Tug McGraw, keep the spirit alive. Should be a fun year for the Jets and Mets!
  12. Bard is not ready for prime time. GPT is a smooth talker. Kind of reminds me of a young @T0mShane he doesn't know the answer but he answers in a way that makes you think he does know the answer.
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