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  1. What does everyone think about the amount of open practices this year?
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    We are getting hit with a hack with is injecting malicious code. We clean it up right after we see it, but they have gotten in twice in the past two weeks. So we will keep watching it and thanks for the patience.
  3. Other than Herm I have been spot on.
  4. The buzz is real. The Jets have a QB, they finally have a QB. We will have to be patient. There will be bumps in the road. Good days are here though, exciting stuff.
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    I am sorry for the slow response, I am away in North Carolina but I have been on the site, on my phone, regularly and I haven't seen this happen since Thursday. Here is what they sent me after I opened the ticket about the redirects. They also tell me autoplay ads aren't acceptable so they zap them as soon as they see them happen.
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    Has it happened since Thursday?
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    How many times did it happen?
  8. On how he would sum up mini-camp... We got a lot of things accomplished mentally. Again, the chemistry is growing. I can't wait to get to training camp. We finished the last two days on good notes and the guys are upbeat as they should be. They just have to come back healthy and ready to go. On his overall impression of Teddy Bridgewater in the spring... The biggest thing is that he was healthy and he was moving around and he fit right in with the other two, with Josh (McCown) and Sam (Darnold). He was throwing the ball well. He grasped the offense well. We will be excited to see him in training camp. On if this was a "successful spring" for Darnold... It was a learning spring. I don't think anyone has success in the spring in a t-shirt and shorts. It was a process of learning for him that I thought was pretty good that will help him come training camp. On Darnold grasping the offense and reading plays... I think he understands it pretty well. But as you run plays and you make the mistakes, you learn from them. He learns from his mistakes very well. So from that standpoint, he did a pretty good job and the more he sees, the more comfortable he gets. On if McCown will begin training camp as the starter... Josh will start come training camp and we will see what happens at the end of training camp. On if he has formulated how he will divide the reps for the quarterbacks during training camp... Not at this time, but I have an idea. When I do, I will talk to Jeremy (Bates) over the summer and we will go from there. On who the number two quarterback will be for camp... Teddy will line up as number two. It will be no different from the spring going in. The competition will heat up because we are in pads and lot of things count. On when he will reassess the quarterback rotation... We will come up with a plan over the summer. Right now, I do not have that answer. As the summer goes forward and we formulate what we want to do, we will have that answer, but right now I don't. On if McCown will receive a reduced number of reps during training camp since he is familiar with the offense... Again, we haven't formulated a plan one way or the other yet. We will talk about it this summer and as we go forward, we will make those decisions. On if it will be hard to get all three quarterbacks ready with the practice constraints... Three guys are better than four guys. We will get those reps in pretty good and we will have set days and set plans where some will get more than others, but it will even out in the end and we will get to see what we need to see. On players who surprised him during the offseason... They moved around. Leonard Williams came back in a lot better shape than he was last year. Again, it is the spring, but he moved around well and we liked some of the things he did. There were a lot of other guys, probably too many to mention, but again it is spring training. We will wait until the summer until these guys get evaluated in pads before we start putting guys on pedestals or making guys crash and burn. On whether he can identify the players who have most improved from last offseason to this point... There are some improved from a lifting standpoint and a running and conditioning standpoint. From a football standpoint, it remains to be seen right now. On his preference for Lawrence Thomas’ weight and whether Thomas is currently at his listed weight of 280... I would want him at 281 (joking, laughing). On Thomas’ current weight... 280.5, he’s got another half-pound to go (joking, laughing). On the honest answer of Thomas’ weight... You want the honest answer. I'm not giving you his weight and nor are we going to discuss it. But, he's fine, he was big when we put him there. And, he moved around well and we're comfortable with him where he is. We're not trying to make him lose anymore or gain anymore, he's (a) good size and he moves well enough where he is. On if it is tough for Thomas to earn a roster spot at fullback when initially earned a spot as a defensive lineman in 2016... No, it's not. He is still an emergency defensive lineman by trait. But, he was a fullback in college before he moved to defensive lineman and people are forgetting that. He blocked for Le'Veon Bell so it's not a foreign position to him, he's not just learning it, he's played the position. We needed a guy back there. He was the best one on our roster to fit the bill and he ended up being pretty good at it. So, we kept him there. On what Dimitri Flowers has to do to win the fullback job... We have to see him in camp and see him play. We liked some of the things he did on film in college, and we bought him in for a reason. The good thing about this year is we're like two or three deep from a competitive standpoint, more than we've ever been at more positions than we've ever had. It's going to be a good training camp. On running backs Coach Stump Mitchell comparing Eli McGuire’s skillset to LaDainian Tomlinson... I think old school players and old school coaches compare new school guys to old school guys; and that's what he did. On if there is a comparison between McGuire and Tomlinson on a skill-set basis... I never coached LaDainian. I know he's legendary and we'll see what Eli does. Eli is a good athlete. That's a lot to live up to. But, he doesn't have to live up LaDainian. He just has to live up to being Eli. On entering camp with competition and depth at a number of positions... It's a good thing because can't nobody take a break. We got guys that, obviously, it was a talent gap in between certain guys, but this is the closest it's been since I've been here at a lot of positions. We expect it to be hot and heated come training camp. On if he plans on making changes to his coaching approach... I've made quite a few changes, none to speak of. You try to get better every year or see what you can do different or scale back or put in. You get input from everybody and you kind of see what's around you and you come to those type of conclusion. I will continue to do that this summer and we will see what training camp brings. On if he feels more comfortable now than his first year as head coach... The thing in this job - your never comfortable. You kind of make do. I’m about the same from a comfortability standpoint. On how this group compares to the roster last year during this point... Unknown, remains to be seen. Everything on paper I don't count. We have yet to put on pads at practice as a team. Roster-wise, you can have all the names and non-names you want until we come together with a chemistry standpoint as a team. Come training camp, it's unknown and the jury is out. On how much of a better coach he believes he is now than 2015... Well, we get judged off wins and losses. So right now, I’m not a very good coach. Hopefully, we can win a lot of ball games and I can become a very good coach. But from that standpoint, you get judged so that's really all you take it as. Anything else as far as the small things I've learned, you just try to apply it toward helping the team and go from there. On injured players who will not be ready for training camp... Still some unknowns, all of them can be ready depending on the time or they can miss a day or two or weeks. So it's still unknown. It can change. I can sit here and tell you one thing and it changes into another. we’re just going to let it play out and see. On if anyone other than Rontez Miles will miss significant amount of time... Not to my knowledge, no. On what has been bothering Jordan Jenkins and why he has been out... He has a nicked-up shoulder. On which shoulder... I'm not elaborating anymore. On if it is difficult transitioning from a veteran team to a younger team... No, I don't think it is because you treat them all the same from a teaching standpoint. The minute you start separating veterans from rookies and teaching them differently, you’ve lost some of your coaching edge. You treat them differently from a mental standpoint, but you teach them all the same as if they are just coming in. So that part has been pretty easy.
  9. How about he averages 4 yards a carry first. I'd settle for that lol.
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    Thanks Mike. I haven't seen any problems, but I just sent them this thread. They probably won't respond until the morning but if they don't fix it I will shut all the ads down until it gets resolved.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, but we prefer criticism to be more constructive, this just seems mean. I appreciate the writers that volunteer their time to contribute to JetNation. We are very selective and Dan is doing a great job.
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    Moving this to the feedback forum. What is this happening on, what kind of device and browser? I will notify the ad network now. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. On “testiness” at today’s practice... We had some guys probably unanimous all-trash talking team in shorts and t-shirts. They make it every year. It's no different today. On who is the captain of that team (all-trash talking team)... It's a pick‘em every week. We have about seven or eight of them, but I’ll leave the names out it for now. On whether most of the trash talking occurs on the defensive side of the ball... No, we have them on both sides definitely, coaches included. On if it bothers him when a player touches the quarterback... We should not touch the quarterback. On if there is a fine line with touching the quarterback because defensive players are trying to execute their assignments... There is no fine line. We do not touch the quarterback in shorts and t-shirts, ever. On if he likes that players are trash talking... It's spirited, it's fine, it's a part of football, it's been trashing talking for years so you get used to it. As long as they know what they are doing, they can talk as much as they want. If they don't (know what they’re doing), they probably need to shut up. On if he will talk to Leonard Williams about touching the quarterback... We talked about it. It was handled on the field. It's not a big deal. It doesn't carry over. And he wasn't the only one. On how confident he is that Robby Anderson his put the off the field issues behind him... Time will tell. I mean you can get to be a better person. He’s got to be consistent at it and he is working at it. So we go from there. On if this is Anderson’s “last strike”... We typically don't talk about player incidents. We handle all of that in-house and any decision that have to be made, we will discuss that upstairs before I ever do anything with the media. On if three incidents by Anderson is “pushing it”... One incident is pushing it, but every incident is different obviously. I've seen people have quite a few. We handle things in house. We're confident in the way we handle things. We're confident in Robby abilities and the person he is and we have talked to him. So we put that to bed on our end and we'll go from there. On Darnold's practice today... He made some good throws. Again, it is two-hand touch. He made some good throws and he is learning some things. It is a process. He is throwing the ball well. He is learning every day. He is gaining confidence as is Teddy (Bridgewater) and Josh (McCown), and we just keep it moving. We just want him to play fast once training camp comes, so (he is) taking in a lot right now and he is handling it well. On if he would like to see the defense produce more interceptions... Turnovers are important. It is minicamp. They need to come down with them in the fall, not right now in the summer. They are getting their hands on balls. They just have to make the plays and that is what we are practicing right now. On where Darnold measures up compared to when the team evaluated him prior to the draft... He is right where we thought he was. Obviously, putting in installs every day, he is going to be learning. He is going to be learning when he gets to training camp, but he applies it well, he rarely makes the same mistake twice and we are pleased with where he is. On the importance of the relationship between the offensive coordinator and the quarterback... It is huge because they talk to each other all the time. They’ve got to have continuity. They’ve got to be in-sync. One has to know what the other one is thinking and we have three guys that Jeremy (Bates) is getting to know very well and they are all working at it. On if playing fast is the biggest attribute Darnold can have heading into training camp... For us it is. Obviously with the teaching part, he is behind the other guys because they had the phase one, two and OTAs as well. But when he came in, he was learning, trying to get up to speed and be on the same page so they all can compete. On what is going to keep him up at night about the team heading into training camp... I don't think anything is going to keep me up on vacation, but when I come back, obviously, as you put your thoughts into it, you just worry about the chemistry of the team coming together. You know who the talents are and you know who can fit what role for the most part and there are some new guys you want to see in pads. You want to see if the guys out of pads show up in pads. That is really what you want to see, so that will be the biggest thing for me. On the identity of the defense... We don't have one yet. We are still gelling and we are still blending. We don't have an identity yet. We are working chemistry at some new pieces over there obviously with Avery (Williamson) and Trumaine (Johnson) and a couple of other guys. So, we don't have one yet. We are trying to develop an identity. Until we get to camp and get the pads on and get through the everyday grind, we don't have one yet. On Coach Rodgers being able to coach his son... Just looking at it from the outside in, I think it is great. It is great on one hand and when another coach is yelling at him, it is probably not great that you're sitting there inside stewing, but they have a great relationship. I have known them for quite a while, since he was probably 12 or 13. Just to see them two together again, as a father, I’m sure you have to be proud. I can't imagine because it is his son and himself, but I am sure they have nice dinner conversations. On Jamal Adams returning punts in practice... We had a little fun with him. On if Adams returning punts could become a regular thing... No. On the 1987 Washington replacement players getting Super Bowl rings... I think it is great. At the time, it was my second year. When you are on strike and somebody has your job, obviously you want them to fail and you want to get back to work. So, back then they were a little hot-headed, I will have to say I was probably included in that. Over time as you move on in years, if they don't win those three ball games, who knows what happens during that year. They worked hard for it, they earned it and I am happy they got them. On if the Redskins would have won the NFC East if the replacements hadn't beaten the Cowboys... I have no idea. I don't know what would have happened. They earned it. They were part of the team and they earned every right to have their ring. I am happy they got them. On if Terrelle Pryor is on target to be ready for training camp... No, he just got his boot removed. On if having the boot off is better than Pryor still having the boot on... That is a good assessment. On if Pryor is trending forward... He is trending forward. Yes, he is. On if it is safe to assume that Pryor will be on the PUP list for training camp... Not yet, we will see how his (injury) progress goes over the summer and we will deal with it when we come back. I can't really tell you right now how he heals fast or slow, so we’re just going to take it week-by-week. On his message to the team over the break... Study, go over things they have learned here, make sure that they stay in shape and be in shape, stay out of trouble obviously and come back ready to work.
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    Camp visits for STH

    I think the camp schedule comes out soon, hopefully as soon as mini camp is over.
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    Jets minicamp day 2

    Hell yeah we are going to be happy about great catches and throws in shorts. We are tired of reading these updates: Petty to Devin Smith incomplete. Hackenberg to, well we are not sure who he meant to throw that to. Incomplete.