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    Die hard Jets fan.
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    New York Yankees, New York Jets
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    Formerly Known as Max...

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    1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

    2. The playoff win against the Colts. I sent my money in. Many people didn't. That felt good. Plus it was a blow out win.
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    Yes since 1988.
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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. This is either 100% true or 100% tin foil hat. No in-between.
  2. Oh wow advance notice from you this time. You usually just walk up lol.
  3. Hey a lot of people are complaining about all the videos that people are posting here. Everyone knows where to find YouTube now, so we ask that you hold off on posting any more here. Thanks.
  4. Parking lot is great lol. Awesome tailgating haha.
  5. Not true, lower level end zone and mezz end zone are both great values. The mezz sidelines are amazing just pricey.
  6. No because you would have to factor in the preseason, normal packages are now 10 games.
  7. Yeah that is very true. You are higher and further back because of all the mezz level boxes.
  8. Yes the ads are based on your browsing habits. Just saying.
  9. The stadium is all about the boxes, unfortunately. Some really incredible seats and parties in those boxes. Sadly 99% of the fans never get to experience any of that.
  10. The first time I remember it happening was Smizzy doing it to JetsRule128. Smizzy was so damn mad with every new thread.
  11. Seems like a lot of interest so far. The Jets are giving me pricing information this week. I prepaid so we should have an earlier sign up time (better seats). Seat preference; upper, mez, lower? Mezz and lower level end zone are the best value imo.
  12. We have had a bunch of complaints lately about posts that have a video and nothing else. This is mostly coming from new threads. Not everyone has the time to watch a 28 minute video. The stuff we post needs some context. So to clean up the board any threads like this will be merged here. Thanks.
  13. I wonder with Beck how much of that is to let Zach train all offseason with him. I haven't followed it but hopefully that is the case.
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