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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  1. Maxman

    Just upgraded to 4.3.5

    Okay I am not aware of any issues but please let me know. I don't have Safari, so I can't check it. Thanks.
  2. New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles, 8.13 On what he noticed with Sam Darnold today... Not much, I got to look at the film. I was looking at both sides of the field right now. So I didn’t really concentrate on the quarterbacks. Seven on seven looked good from a group standpoint but I didn’t focus on him solely. On practice today... I thought we got good work in both sides. They did a good job, we did a good job, that's how it's supposed to be run. And we get more good work tomorrow. On what he noticed from Marcus Maye... I mean he missed the spring so it's going to take him a while to get back to normal but, mentally he's very good, we like where he is right now. We just got to keep monitoring him and make sure he comes along. On if Brian Winters suffered any setback... No. We just left him inside, so he can get treated. On if Dimitri Flowers got hurt in practice... I heard he did, but I don't know what happened to him, so I'll go inside and see. On the roles Jermaine Kearse and Quincy Enunwa play in Darnold’s development... Well he just got to get used to throwing to different guys. As he gets to know the player and know what they can do, I'm sure he'll figure that part out. Josh (McCown) can help him to certain degree, but experience can also help him even more, so just being out there, getting used to the guys and the receivers and that's what we're trying to do with him. On if there has been any changes of the depth chart at quarterback... No. On if will change the change the depth chart or wait until the end of the preseason to make a decision... I'll probably wait until the end to make my decision. On what Kearse has meant to the team... Extremely smart, a very hard worker, tough, durable, reliable. He's been a breath of fresh air, he does all the little things, he does all the things right and he's a gamer. He shows up on Sunday, every Sunday and I think he's been a good guy for the young guys, young receivers to follow after from a work ethic standpoint. On some of finest memories with the Washington Redskins... Just coming back here and seeing Doug (Williams) is great. Doug is very close to me, he got me into coaching as a matter of fact. Just seeing the burgundy and gold has been great. Obviously the Super Bowl, but it's more so the guys I played with: the Darrell Greens, the Charles Manns, the Dexter Manleys, the Wilber Marshalls, the Alvin Waltons and all those guys I played with are really the fondest memories that I have. On if he talked to any of his former Washington Redskins teammates... I have not seen them yet but I’m sure I'll catch up with them in the next day or so. On why it is difficult to find a good edge rusher... They just come in spurts. They're hard to come by, some years you’ll get a bunch of them, other years you won't get as many, but you have to look and find them, they're out there. Obviously, the great ones get gobbled up early and then you have to find some with traits and then it has to work out for you. You have to keep your head down and they're hard to come by. They're a premium obviously, and some of those guys are playing basketball as well, the athletic guys, at 6-4, 6-5, but they're out there. On the edge rushers on the Jets roster... Well we don't have the name guy. We don't have the Lawrence Taylor, so to speak, but we have guys that work hard and are very tough at the point of attack. You don't need a name guy, you just need a guy with production and the production will make the name. Disrupting the quarterback is the big thing as well as setting the edge. We have certain guys that can do a lot of things right now. We’re mixing and matching to get a feel for what guys can and can't do right now in the second week of training camp (like) we're supposed to. On what he’s seen from Dylan Donahue in the last week... He's made a few plays in the game. He’s got to continue in practice and he’s got to continue growing and grasping the system and we'll see how the other games play out. On Darnold's ability to take what he's learning in the classroom to the field... It's important for every rookie to take it from the classroom to the field. The fact that you can learn it and then come out and apply it says volumes about your learning ability and your mentality and what you're trying to do. So, we think we have a bunch of rookies that can do that. On if Lorenzo Mauldin made the trip to Virginia... No, he didn't make the trip. On if Mauldin's leg is the reason why he did not make the trip... Yes. On his impressions of and expectations for Terrelle Pryor... Well we know he’s a freakish athlete. He's just coming back so we're taking it easy with him, so expectation number one is to get healthy. When he gets healthy and we see him at full tilt then we'll see what he can do fully but he is a freakish athlete, he has great hands, he has great size. From playing against him in Cleveland, we know he can play, we just got to make sure monitor him the right way. On if there's a chance Darnold could start the second preseason game... All my three quarterbacks need to be ready to play.
  3. Maxman

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Awesome. If we had those sponsors I would definitely be typing this from a boat haha.
  4. Maxman

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    If I could get paying ads working on the site again those views would be great. We got banned from google. Todays CPM was .13 cents. The struggle is real lol.
  5. Maxman

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    Did somebody say RV????? LOL. Enjoy.
  6. Yeah that has to be Beyond brutal.
  7. Maxman

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    I would love to keep Bridgewater. How about we just make him the long-term number two. You're basically paying Josh McCown 10 million to be the number 3 this year. Bridgewater if you get a raise and the team could still save money.
  8. Bowles has a rep as being a coach that can't develop young QBs. The question is, has he had a QB that could be developed? Looks like they have two good young QBs on the roster now. But regardless we should all be happy the days of Petty and Hackenberg are behind us.
  9. So I just put an ad network back on the site. I had a direct ad up the past few weeks from one of our sponsors, but it was a freebie. Meaning it didn't bring in any money towards hosting or my lunch lol. This network should be filling 100% of the ads and they have been very good in the past. I removed ALL mobile ads. We have had problems with redirects in the past, my hope is leaving mobile ads off will fix the issue. At any rate, please post in here if there are any issues and I will address them. Thanks.
  10. Maxman

    Just upgraded to 4.3.5

    In Tapatalk? If not what browser? Can you explain a little more about what is happening, I am not following exactly. Thanks.
  11. Maxman

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    A lot of Jets fans are in section 131.
  12. Maxman

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    I just booked my flight. Going with my son on Saturday night, flying home early Tuesday. Any hotel recommendations in the area? Sounds like a lot of Jets fans are sitting in section 131. I am going to try and get near them.
  13. Maxman

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    Is this confirmed? Nobody? Link? Will they still play the game? If the Jets play the Lions in the woods and nobody sees it, did it really happen?
  14. Maxman

    Just upgraded to 4.3.5

    Tapatalk people, how are we doing?
  15. I was going to take a bus trip to that game, but flights, hotels and tickets are so cheap it really doesn't make sense. Looking at flying out on Saturday afternoon and flying home on Tuesday early. Anyone going? Where are you staying? We can figure out a way to all tailgate together as well. Post in here if you are going to the game, it should be fun.