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  1. Definitely agree. I know that I started this thread but I am glad that he seems to be turning things around. I never root for coaches to get fired, would be much easier for them to just improve and learn from mistakes. That seems to be happening here, good news. Hopefully it continues.
  2. Welcome back Kacy, I hope he is fine health wise and is 100% soon. That being said, Bowles should hang on to the play calling duties.
  3. It isn't a farce, I have talked to people who know, they have confirmed it isn't a farce.
  4. Maxman

    Have we switched to a 4-3?

    Really good post and great way of explaining it. There is a trade off but it is smart what Bowles is doing. Would be great to be in a 3 - 4 and be able to stop the run while still generating a pass rush. That second part isn't going to happen as they stand today so I am glad they adjusted.
  5. Maxman

    Have we switched to a 4-3?

    Well it isn't a 3 man line so they really aren't a 3-4 team anymore. They are playing two linebackers at the line of scrimmage a ton. They are both standing up, so I think that makes them a 2 - 4. I have been saying it, but I think people are going to figure out how to run against it. Definitely seems to be working for now, despite the late defensive lapses yesterday.
  6. @The Crusher is that menu going to be enough for you? Do we need reinforcements?
  7. Maxman


    What a game!
  8. I definitely think it is Todd maturing and adapting to the NFL today. But I also think a large part is that they now have a QB they really trust. Crazy that it took a 21 year old to gain that confidence.
  9. Yes, we normally don't do a public tailgate but we are this week for the group outing. https://www.jetnation.com/shop/ All you have to do is select the tailgate only option. Thanks.
  10. Things are changing, just checked the NFL Odds for next week and the Jets are + 3. A few weeks ago it seemed like the Jets would be getting 10.
  11. I think a lot of it has to do with this new two down lineman defense they seem to be in love with.
  12. Maxman

    Nice full screen Acura ad

    No, it was my bad. I read it wrong. I was cranky I guess and I misread it. One of the mods told me I was reading it wrong, so I apologize. I will even go back and retract my down vote. The ad thing was stressing me out. I will go back to being the awesome admin\webmaster you guys all know and love LOL. Thanks.
  13. So.....this game is going to be fun. I started a new thread for the game and tailgate. Here it is:
  14. So.....the Jets \ Vikings game is going to be fun. Thanks to everyone who is joining us. We still have a few spots left if anyone is interested in joining please let us know. And if you are reading this and you already have tickets and do your own tailgate that is fine. Still try to stop by and say hi though. It will be good to meet everyone. The group should be over 50 people. Note: We don't have the ability to provide chairs for everyone. Here are the details for the tailgate and the game: Tickets I have all the tickets. You can do paper tickets for groups so that is what we have, no mobile entry required so it will be easier. Good old fashioned paper. I will hand out the tickets at the tailgate. All of our seats are in lower level section 123. Tailgate The tailgate will run from 9:00am - 12:20pm. The parking lot opens at 8am and that is when we will get there, but give us a little time to setup. We will be ending the tailgate at 12:20 so we can make sure we are inside the stadium for pre-game introductions Tailgate Menu Sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions Meatball sandwiches Hot dogs Hamburgers Pasta salad Chips Dessert Beer, soda, water Games: Cornhole and horseshoes. Horseshoes you say? Yes, horseshoes in a parking lot, what could possibly go wrong with that? Tailgate Location We park and will tailgate in Green Lot F. You need a green parking pass to park in this lot. If you have a yellow or orange parking pass (or if you are taking mass transit) no worries, you can easily walk over to us. We will be along the back curb in F11. The tailgate will be setup next to the RV. If you are going and you have any questions please ask away. Thanks everyone.

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