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    Die hard Jets fan.
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    New York Yankees, New York Jets
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    Formerly Known as Max...

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    1. The playoff win over the Jaguars. After many years I finally got to see them win a game.

    2. The playoff win against the Colts. I sent my money in. Many people didn't. That felt good. Plus it was a blow out win.
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    Yes since 1988.
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    The loss in Pittsburgh (Damn you Doug Brien). That was a long ride home.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Stop making me look your stuff up. Sent from my XT1650 using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Along these lines why do we have chains for first downs. They should be using lasers that shoot across the field that they can measure it that way and save time.
  3. Maxman

    Let's go Chiefs

    Someone check Bob Sutton for a pulse
  4. It actually isn't. But I'll gladly have this debate with you next year during the playoffs. Sent from my XT1650 using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Down with the Pats. This is their last stand, it ends today. No more Super Bowls. No more AFC championship games. Your time is over. Great story. Great run. Blah blah friggidy da, it is over. Yes I typed out friggidy, deal with it the same way all those people wearing Tommy Brady jerseys have to deal with his story ending today. Andy Reid, please wake up today and forget that you are Andy Reid in the playoffs. This ends today. The Jets time is now. Well soon to now, like next season but you get the point.
  6. Shouldn't the Eagles get Wentz to play a full season before giving him a big contract? Unless they value the cheerleader role he plays each postseason that is.
  7. Maxman

    Tim Tebow

    Maybe you missed it but there was a whole thing here about advertisers dropping us because of crude talk. Your post above was an exact example of what we can't have here. There are ways to get a point across without cursing or being vulgar.
  8. Maxman

    Wrestlemania 35 @ Metlife

    This is in April? I thought it was over the summer, wow.
  9. Maxman

    Forum front pages

    Done. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Just checked, this is on pace to be our busiest January ever, December was our 3rd busiest month ever. And the Jets only won one game.
  11. Maxman

    Happy Birthday, Glenn!

    Happy birthday Glenn, thanks for everything you do for the site!
  12. That would be great but there are only two problems. 1. To get advertisers on board we had to agree to no cursing 2. The JN legal team deletes the story every time we try to post it

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