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  1. He had a shot or two downfield that he passed on, I think there was just one play (short dump off for two yards) that stood out for me. But the All 22 is going to tell a great story for White. Hung in the pocket, was so accurate and made amazing decisions. When your completion % os around 80% and the score is over 30, that's a pretty great day.
  2. The # 1 thing that holds them back is fans on message boards using the backup QB and 5th WR as their screen name.
  3. Good thread. Yes at this point the wildcard is the best bet so go Bills. Beat the Pats.
  4. Maxman


    How do you tepl Bam he isn't in the rotation after that game? He has to play.
  5. Who started the game thread? You're welcome lol.
  6. Mike White! @T0mShaneour guy is doing it. So proud of us.
  7. Are you thinking of fant? Browns been good, he gets vet days off during the week sometimes.
  8. Not sure if this is to me or not but we already left. So definitely give them to someone else at this point. Thanks and go Jets
  9. Let it go. If a player plays bad people vent. What you are doing is different the game is hours away.
  10. I remember when the Jets drafted Zach and you and I were like meh. Then I also remember when we spent all offseason chatting about how the Jets are going to waste time and the Zach eye test told us both what we needed to see. I remember those conversations here, the long phone calls we shared, the walks even. I remember all of it. And today, we get Mike White. Because we deserve good things.
  11. Please scan the board before starting new topics.
  12. It is game day. It is Mike White time. Short and sweet this week, the Jets defense has been carrying this team. Now with a QB change you will see a total team effort. Welcome back Elijah Moore. Let's go Jets. Jets flying high all day on Sunday!
  13. This is bannable, just so we are clear. I get that you are joking, but then 100 people run with the joke. So that is why the first post gets people banned.
  14. Jets Insider went out of business when sooth was the full owner of ji. I just want the record to reflect that it failed after he had no ties with the entity that he partnered with. He needs full blame, didn't want it getting shared lol.
  15. Fields should rest up. This defense is physical, as physical as you can be in the NFL today.
  16. Sorry you guys are sick. My son and daughter would go with us if they are available.
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