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  1. Is this still happening? I can't replicate it and the SSL certificate is still installed. Anyone else getting this error? Thanks.
  2. I should have probably locked this thread because the feedback thread is in the main forum. Here is the bottom line: There are a long list of changes, mobile spacing is on the list. Waiting for the designer to get us two new updated themes 1) updates the existing one 2) dark mode. I hope to have that soon, and once I do I will start a new thread outlining all the new features. The customizer in the top right offers so much more flexibility on a user by user basis.
  3. Thanks. We were supposed to be there early 8am for my wife, but that was cancelled. Because she was able to get in at Lakewood today. So now I am going with my Dad mid day. I saw long lines there today on Facebook. Most days look pretty good. Either way it is going to be 46 and sunny so it isn't a problem. Thanks for the heads up on parking!
  4. It was all a dream? Does that mean the Jets didn't really lose all those games?
  5. No I was in Lakewood today. I am taking my Dad tomorrow to Meadowlands. I will probably go with the pulled pork lol.
  6. My first shot is done and there were no issues, I fellllee thahhtt
  7. Game stop after the close, wow.
  8. Up on the top right, there is a customizer option. Sounds like you need the larger post size option. Please check that, I am going to do a thread explaining all the options once I have the updated theme and dark mode. Thanks.
  9. Somebody asked that and I tried looking it up but I'm not sure. I couldn't find anyone I looked. The moderators look like they have a shield or something like that. I'll try to find out what the hand means.
  10. I looked into this, it is still installed and the plugin says it works in this version. I opened a ticket, I am hoping it is something simple like the theme just doesn't have the magnifying glass. I hope to have it fixed soon, thanks for the heads up.
  11. That is good that it was mild. So many strange cases, I had a doctor tell me they never saw so much stuff that didn't fit a pattern and they had worked on some pretty interesting things back in the day. I get vaccinated in the morning. Looking forward to it. Can't wait for life to begin again. Let's get this snow melted and go back outside in spring weather (sooooon).
  12. You should probably post a link to these Doctors because not everyone is saying that. Would hate for a young impressionable soul to take any of this as medical advice.
  13. Is he okay? I heard leg damage but haven't read anything.
  14. Is there an option that has someone just kicking me in the nuts and I fall on the keyboard which deletes my moderator rights so that threads like this are no longer my problem? I pick that one.
  15. I don't think his account is banned or anything like that.
  16. Nothing to see here, apparently this was all just a joke. Or a bad dream. Or a wet joke. Not sure.
  17. Hey everyone I don't know what is going on and we do try to be tolerant here. Apparently the OP was trying to get banned. He had some Trump stuff in his profile which we ignored. Then he started this thread and edited the posts. Anyhow we got this message from him: We try to not take things too seriously here, so stuff that is bannable elsewhere normally gets laughed at here. But since I am not sure what is going on, I will just say that okay we banned your account. And we hope all is well. Take care.
  18. Got it, now I understand. I didn't realize that stopped working. I will have to check the plugin and look for a new update. Thanks.
  19. That part is great news.
  20. My daughter has used this to help a bunch of people, this account is wild (very helpful).
  21. Yes, there are definitely people who got it twice. It is all brand new it is going to be interesting in three years when they look back with facts that were missed along the way.
  22. It depends on the person. I know people in the long term study that are closing in on a year with the antibodies right now. They are pretty much saying it is a minimum of 3 months, and 6 months seems to be safe in most cases. But a simple blood test helps them figure it out.
  23. I am not sure what that means? Please explain, thanks.
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