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  1. Barry Sanders retired. Its in the other thread. Please don't discuss it anywhere but there.
  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no word. But I legit laughed out loud at this.
  3. If the Bengals dump you for being a criminal that means you should be locked up for life. They have a high tolerance.
  4. This is terrible and he should be banned from the league for life. Stupid move, he was on the Dolphins, he was on the verge of making the NFL. Now he threw it all away.
  5. The Jets want me to pay $200 to reserve our group for next year. If I do it this week we do get priority choice on seats. I am going to do it. We can pick a game next year when the schedule comes out. I think we had 50 at the game & tailgate two years ago and we sold 100 tickets this year \ 75 tailgated with us. But it is going to be a presale only this year. I was like a scalper peddling tickets definitely not doing that again. When I have the info we will post a link and if 50 people buy that is great, if 200 people buy that is great. But whoever pays is how many tickets I will buy. Last year I had 100 tickets (we sold them all) and a $10,000 invoice I had to pay. That wasn't fun lol.
  6. Yes but the jury is out because it was the Redskins. That being said it would be hard to get worse than Kalil and Winters.
  7. New league is up. Let's fill it up this week and then next week I will talk to them about raising the amount like everyone asked for. Thanks. https://fanduel.com/jetnation
  8. Pass blocking was good against the worst team in the NFL. Run blocking was still terrible.
  9. The next three good players they add should be offensive lineman.
  10. Yeah we aren't going to use this site for stuff like this.
  11. Canny dropping a Jets article, good to see. I thought maybe he would be cynical after his failed attempt at selling premium Jets memberships.
  12. Good job by Adam Gase hiring a staff that is so good against the run.
  13. No I bet $600. They take a vig, so instead of $1200 back it is $1,145.45 back.
  14. No way am I touching that one lol.
  15. This was my last bet for the year. I will go an entire season without betting. Every once in a long while I see a line like today that just doesn't make sense. If that happens I will bet on a single game. I already cashed out my account so it has a 0 balance.
  16. He is disappearing again, he is a nothing. Failed app. Should have stayed retired.
  17. Just sent the video over when you can. I sent you the link of where you could upload it. Thanks.
  18. I don't bet much but I really thought Vegas had a bad line on the Jets \ Skins game today and was able to take advantage of it. Thank you FanDuel.
  19. Email us forums@jetnation.com we can send you a drop box link to upload to.

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