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  1. So this reporter gets paid to write, he wants to blast Robby but the reporter doesn't know the difference between their and they're.
  2. Ironically when we were talking about the site originally it was something Tom insisted on. I think past Tom was trying to protect us from future Tom lol.
  3. Think about this, I was talking football with TomShane, Bitonti and Green Jets and Ham on ji in 2003. They (ji) switched the forum software at some point around that time. They had originally started in 1999 I believe. When he switched post counts started over and the four posters named above I believe where the top five posters in terms of post count back then. Other than GJ&H threatening to bring boxing gloves and beat me up it was pretty much all good stuff lol.
  4. Did Mary have him? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  5. We have two interns right now, they will both be here through May. One is doing some web work and the other is assigned business tasks, checking the site emails and things like that. They are from a NJ state college.
  6. Thank you. I do this every time as well. Others please join in. Promote the site right to the Jets.
  7. Plenty of room to enter this week.
  8. Geez I don't even remember this? #IstandwithTom
  9. He told me my panties were in a bunch!!!! Tx is someone I always liked. I had an email exchange with him recently. The only way I see it ever working for Tx here again is when Belly and Brady are gone. If the Pats are bad and the Jets are good we might have a shot with him here. Last time he was back it was tough. We don't need anyone smack talking us about how good the Patriots are, WE KNOW lol.
  10. Smizzy was my guy, legit was one of my best friends here. I suspect he has been back here for years under a different name. I am not saying that as something I know. But he was a big part of the site, he stepped away but I always thought he wouldn't be able to stay away. That being said, I will always consider him a friend but I don't see any way he would ever be welcomed back here. Enough on that though, sorry to be vague but some things are just better left unsaid.
  11. He was a teacher? I thought he was a homeless guy living in an RV weird.
  12. Yeah Tom neg rep'ed me yesterday too. I'm gonna give him space though. Tough day when he showed up for the Dead Poets Society meeting and he was all alone. I remember that, it was a contest. That was a long time ago!
  13. Lol. The guy was banned permanently that's why he's emailing. So calling people you disagree with snowflakes is not a great way to make a point That being said you don't successfully run the largest site for a team like this for 15 years by being reactionary. I'm not sure who you are suggesting that I cater to? This might be one of the most off base criticisms that I have received. I can't remember the last time we responded to a reported post. We look at them. We judge it based on the site rules and we take action or don't accordingly. But we don't respond either way, we aren't catering to anyone. We just make sure the rules are being followed.
  14. PM your address, I will get one out to you.
  15. Opening statement... Jamal (Adams), still out with the ankle, (Maurice) Canady with the illness, Chuma (Edoga) with the knee, (Matthias) Farley with the rib, Arthur (Maulet) with the calf. (Steve) McLendon might be out, he might try to go today, he might be limited, we will see how that plays out. Brian (Poole) is still in the concussion protocol and Le'Veon (Bell) will not practice today because he is sick. Henry (Anderson), (Kelvin) Beachum, Ryan Griffin, Alex (Lewis), Demaryius (Thomas) and (Paul) Worrilow will all be limited today. On Bell's illness… I didn't ask too many questions. On if there is an illness going around the building... Yeah, they haven't said that to me yet. I feel like each guy it has been something different, it hasn't been the same thing. It hasn't been like the flu or anything. On Steve McLendon's injury... I am not sure what (his participation in practice will be). He is going to see how he feels and if he can practice, he is going to go. On if Bell's illness is a one-day thing... I don't know, I will have more information as the day goes on. Those guys evaluated him this morning and they said he wasn't going to go so I will get more information during practice.
  16. So No Bowles \ Fire Johnsons \ Eyes of Adam has been banned over 5 times that I can count. Every time he gets banned he does this: 1. Emails the site saying his ban was unfair 2. A week later he emails the site and this time it is really nice, tells me this is a great site and is very positive. Explains how he was misunderstood and blah blah blah 3. If he doesn't get a response to that he send nasty emails. He sends these often. He must have a lot of time on his hands.This time when he was banned it followed the exact pattern. Today I got this I would like the record to reflect, I don't feel like I am a bad person. But ultimately God will sort all that out after I am gone. So until then the historians can decide lol. Why did I post this? Because a lot of people think it is fine to dump all over me and the site. Guess what, were not gonna take it anymore. Seriously we try to do the right thing but people here aren't getting paid. We have an intern that filters these emails. He is getting college credit and I have instructed him to not forward them to me anymore. I will check with him and if the emails continue I am going to turn one of these email accounts into a parody account. One of you lucky posters will get the password to have some fun with it. Wait, I guess that does make me a bad person. Still not going to take it.
  17. Hey check out our FanDuel league. Each week you submit a new lineup. You can enter two lineups, they are only $2 each. https://fanduel.com/JetNation Thanks!
  18. Every week we do a podcast, JetNation Radio. This link has all the old episodes and information on how to subscribe, listen and download: https://www.jetnation.com/ny-jets-podcast/ Going forward I am going to post each episode here. The shows are recorded on Wednesday night and you can call it. Would love to hear some forum posters on the air soon. Thanks.
  19. This has been discussed over and over again. But Alex from JetNation Radio tweeted this and I thought it was worth sharing. I am on record as saying the Jets have a lot of problems and Sam isn't one. But, he has a ton of room to get better. Here is a prime example.
  20. Hey we are just messing around a bit, but we wrote a breaking news headline generator. It lets you put in a headline and upload an image. Trying to figure out how to roll it out. It is being updated but here is a sample of a beta version. Can you give me some ideas on what you would enter: 1. Picture 2. Main text heading 3. Sub text heading I want to mess around and create a few to test it before we open this up to the public. Thanks.

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