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  1. We are better than you. We think so little of you we didn't even send you a fridge magnet lol.
  2. SIGN THIS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. DAMN! Me Too. Was thinking the same exact thing. I couldn't do it though lol.
  4. I've tried. It is some kind of software glitch, he is actually unbannable.
  5. I hate you, but this one was really good.
  6. Whatever man tanking is stupid. Lose for Tua? HE"S HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  7. An Joe Willy gets us back on topic. Sweet!
  8. I think that's what it comes down to for me as well. I have disagreed with @Jetsfan80 a lot the past few years, on the tanking, on the current Jets...and we never once fought (that I can remember). Using him as an example, I see him make his points and disagree but he never acts like he is better than others or his view is more important. This is a football message board for crying out loud. We really aren't solving major problems here. So if someone can't post without all that attitude, this probably isn't the place for them.
  9. It is common, you are right. This is on the much smaller side since it was just a plugin. Wasn't a ton of money. The guy wrote it, put it in the marketplace and was selling a bunch in PHP 5. Actually got this working on PHP 5 but he wasn't respond about the PHP 7 issue. Rather than try to fix it, I think the programmer just abandoned the plugin. So we said screw it and just wrote our own. Then I started this thread, then all hell broke loose lol. I wanted a No and then Gif but apparently we don't have one in the library.
  10. Well the thing about Hackenberg is, he really isn't coming back. He sends all these emails and I am just screwing with him. I changed the ban date so show 12/9. I plan on changing it back to permanent on 12/8. Hack reads all this stuff and screws with me, so I was just giving some back. Sorry for the spoiler alert. I was just trying to have some fun since he caused so much drama. On the other poster, I know some people enjoy the shtick or whatever it is that he does. I have had a bunch of complaints about him over the years that I ignored. I had one user a long time poster tell me they weren't going to post here anymore because of a few people, he was on that list. I let this long time poster walk away. I am a big fan of letting this stuff play out and letting the community police itself as much as possible. I take absolutely ZERO pleasure in banning people. I don't like doing it. Years ago when I was told this was aten, I never messaged him or warned him, just let him be. He had a fresh start if he wanted it. There comes a time though when someone is just pissing all over your hard work that enough is enough. We don't waste our time banning IP addresses and searching member history, unless there is a problem. But I can say with certainty that the Miss Lonely username or the aten username will never post here again. Will he create a new one and start posting again? Not sure, I can say that he won't do it today or this week because we have registrations closed right now thanks to more Buffalo Bills spammers. At some point if he wants to create a new account I am sure he will be able to because we pretty much have open borders by design. I am all for a good joke. But taking shot after shot at me, he's done. Nobody will care, and it is stupid to even type this out but we bought a breaking news generator. Paid a software company for it and it didn't work with PHP 7. The software company took my money and never responded to the help desk tickets. So we developed our own that looks like the one that I paid for. All I did is post it so I could test some things out. I thought it would be fun during another crappy Jets year. But this guy wants to hate on everything I do, so he is permanently banned.
  11. Just so we are clear, miss lonely hearts getting banned wasn't fake news. After years of non stop nonsense and this poster hating on everything, we are going to move in another direction as a forum. Just trying to have fun with this breaking news thing. Pretty easy to ignore if he didn't like it for any reason. Should have banned him the other day for the attack he posted breaking site rules. It is for those reasons that he is out.
  12. The rules still apply. No politics please..
  13. 1. Aten's avatar. 2. Whiney fan has feelings hurt by GOB in 2008. 3. Carries grudge for 10 plus years before being being permanently banned. You hate on everything I do or say. I gave you a break the other day when you posted that attack. I've let a ton of stuff go over the years. Enough is enough, I will free you of the burden of having to post here. Your ban is permanent. Not going to leave a light on. Take care.
  14. Hey we are just messing around a bit, but we wrote a breaking news headline generator. It lets you put in a headline and upload an image. Trying to figure out how to roll it out. It is being updated but here is a sample of a beta version. Can you give me some ideas on what you would enter: 1. Picture 2. Main text heading 3. Sub text heading I want to mess around and create a few to test it before we open this up to the public. Thanks.
  15. There were cookie crumbs in the server room. Are you still denying that it was you?
  16. I just went into the admin panel and it shows permanent ban status again. Did you change it back?
  17. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really did send that email though.
  18. Bu-Bye. I feel like your time could be better spent trying to "Fire the Johnsons" which is needed because the Jets aren't getting better even though they have "No Bowles".
  19. I shouldn't do this because it will encourage more hate mail. But I am going to share this nice Christmas card we received from Hackenberg (recently banned poster) this morning.

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