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  1. This is exactly why we are doing this, we anticipate the majority of the site members \ readers want exactly what you described. This allows us to let those that want to discuss this stuff elsewhere without impacting the NFL forum. A big requirement will be those that are in the club will have to leave their conversations there, otherwise the Club test will be short lived. We are a football site, that is obviously never going to change.
  2. In fairness, that wasn't the name I would have picked. I still have the notes lol. Your choice was much better though, no doubt.
  3. No this ends with you becoming the GM of the Jaguars and bringing me there to run marketing.
  4. I am going to lock this now, but I want to thank the majority of the posters that commented in here. Like I said earlier, these are tough times. There are different thoughts on the best way to move forward, there are different thoughts on what should have been done in the past. The problem is a lot of those thoughts are, or quickly become, political. We have always had a no politics rule on the site. We did recently implement a new feature called Clubs. We are testing out extending the conversation a bit in the Clubs. There is a Club for the Black Lives Matter discussion and there is a Club for Covid. Both of these clubs are opt-in and each member has to be approved manually. What that lets us do is keep the NFL forum focusing on football. And we can test things out in the club, to extend the conversation a bit. There will not be a political free for all in there. But this does allow us some more wiggle room since they are opt in. Please opt in at your own risk, and know that you can be removed or even banned from the site for what you write in there. So no personal attacks, treat each other with respect, these are all still requirements. Well over 99% of our posters have been great, thank you. We are really trying to let people be heard during these tough times. We know these are the topics that are on everyone's mind. https://forums.JetNation.com/clubs/
  5. We can't do politics here, people fight and it doesn't end well. We can't do politics here, people fight and it doesn't end well. We can't do politics here, people fight and it doesn't end well. Hey I am not looking for a pity party here but I bust my a$$ on this site. The moderators bust their a$$es as well. Sorry we missed this thread for a day over Father's Day weekend. This is a tough topic, I have asked the moderators to give everyone more room since it is such trying times for everyone. We are doing the best we can, if you see something that concerns you mentioning it to one of us would probably be a better approach than laughing in my face. Just saying.
  6. Masks definitely seem to be the answer. Seems to be a no brainer to me. NJ is in really good shape now, everyone is wearing masks. Stop the spread, reopen things up. This is the new normal.
  7. I will let my cousin know that he 23 year old kid isn't at risk. Oh wait, too late he already passed away. Same for the healthy 52 year old, I will let my friend know his sister isn't at any risk. Damn I am too late again.
  8. I know someone in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's that died from Covid. So to them, it was kind of terrible. I have a family member that had Covid which caused him to run a fever for 40 straight days. In my life I have never heard of anyone that had a fever for 40 days straight. My wife fought cancer twice and had what seemed to be 800 rounds of chemo. She never had a fever for more than a week straight from what I can remember. I have a much longer list of friends that lost relatives in nursing homes as well.
  9. So this thread isn't a thread for these kinds of discussions. This site isn't a site for these kinds of discussions either.
  10. I was only saying the other statement wasn't true.
  11. Well let me be clear I want no part in defending Adams. I like him I'd like him to be here for a long time but he is over hyped and what he's doing right now is ridiculous. So it seems like a trade is the most likely outcome and that's fine with me.
  12. Well that isn't true. Jamal won the Dallas game, the Jets lost the Buffalo game.
  13. Jamal needs to submit a list of cities he would visit during an extended holdout.
  14. Tom is right a lot more than he is wrong. I think that is why 2020 is as bad as it is lol.
  15. We will move on when @T0mShane tells us we can move on. Not one second before that.
  16. The forums launched on day one. The blog (home page) started two weeks later.
  17. I would like to shout out members on the front page, that is a very good idea actually. They are different platforms but there are ways to do it. On the anniversary \ birthday here is a little more information.
  18. Trade him the Mets and make him platoon at AA with Tim Tebow. THAT IS WHAT I WOULD DO.
  19. Who Glenn? Nah, he's a good dude. EDIT: You meant Jamal. Yes, he does love attention lol.
  20. It is going to be fun seeing Jamal have to deal with his rookie contract for two more years. Then playing on a franchise tag after that.
  21. From GreenBean, in April. Very interesting.

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