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  1. I actually know what is in this and I welcome the unsealing. There is nothing similar to what the other teams were in trouble for.
  2. I didn't read this whole thread but have to ask, why is this being discussed here?
  3. He walked 40 in 25 innings in high school. I don't think he has played baseball in 8 years. Seems legit, sign this beast.
  4. Who is Christian Hackenberg going to pitch for now?
  5. Should we start a club for an off topic conversation on murder hornets or do we wait until they get here? I don't want to be late to the game, thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Yes. This was a big part of the decision to move forward with the club. The original Covid thread was moved to the Club. That was something I found to be very educational but there were a handful of people posting stuff in there to derail it. I reopened the thread in that club.
  7. With the Jets still not billing people I don't think they expect a full season with full fans. I have a contractor coming over Monday to extend my deck and put down some pavers for us. I am using the money I had set aside for Jets tickets. So if they start billing again it is going to leave a mark for me.
  8. Well I think we do need to leave open the possibility that someone could get banned from the site for something they do in the club. Otherwise it could get out of control. The two username thing would be impossible for us to manage on a technical level. I do expect that some people will create new usernames on their own for these purposes. We have the ability to lookup and research based on IP addresses, device types and things like that. But honestly the only time that tool is ever used is when someone causes a problem. So if anyone creates a 2nd name on their own unless they are personally attacking people we wouldn't even know. I definitely think this is the case, thanks.
  9. I will say this, the NFL forum is like an actual baby of mine. Scout was set to offer what I believed to be a 6 figure deal and I said no thanks. Didn't sign the NDA, didn't even let them make an offer? Why? Because that is how much I care about this site. I will close these clubs long before what you described happens. If the clubs get us through a tough time and we have to shut them down they will have been a success. Hopefully the work over the long haul but the magic 8 ball keeps saying not likely. Still, these are unprecedented times and so much of what is on peoples minds ends up impacting football. So it is hard to tell people they can't talk about it. But this NFL forum comes first. Besides if the Clubs end up ruining the site that will mean I was stupid for losing out on all that Scout money lol. That is a very real possibility! Thank you! I hope so as well. I hope not, there will be ads in the Club, have to keep the lights on lol.
  10. I just don;t like when someone suggests the moderators are not doing their job. I have asked them to help us find the way as a community. And that extends to giving people more rope the past few months. We try to be different than many other boards. The suggestion he made would have been terrible for the board (over moderation). There are no sports, but if someone starts a covid thread just lock it without giving people a chance. We would have had a revolt on our hands if we did what he suggested. But I like that poster DK and I really only responded rude because it rubs me the wrong way when someone suggests that volunteers aren't doing their jobs.
  11. It was extremely rude of me. Doesn't mean you are right. The mods haven't slacked off, you are clueless as to mod activities because you can only see what remains public. So to be clear if you are rude to the mods who are doing a great job, during a pandemic, in a thankless job -- you will get rude returned to you.
  12. Jet Nut in the house. Great update. Hoping you are home soon.
  13. Thank you. And make no mistake about it, we know that we will need the luck.
  14. That is a very good question. I would prefer not to allow that, but we will have to figure it out. There is a lot to be worked out yet so I think we will take it one day at a time and go from there. Okay so this post kind of proves my point. I have worked with these moderators for years and I can't even tell you what everyone's political affiliation is. My point is these conversations are already happening that is why the Club makes sense. We have a lot to work out, but we want the Clubs to be self maintained as much as possible. What that means logistically we will have to work out over time. There will be issues, many issues, I have no doubt about that. That is a good point, I am going to see if I can do that technically. Not sure if it is an option but I will try. I disagree on doing that on a global basis and here is why. Anonymity brings out the worst the internet has to offer. Back on the ji days the webmaster created a fake account called streetballa333 or something like that. He used that account to blast people, his friends, and send messages that he would never send otherwise. So I think the second username would have people fighting more. The PatsFanTx club. You get kicked out and that is your last resort, you have to talk to him. This is a good point and it is a very real fear. That being said it won't happen because the entire Club structure will be shut down long before we let that happen. This either makes the quality of the NFL forum better or it goes away. We are only doing this right now because the quality in the NFL forum is taking a hit with some partisan politics stuff. I had BETA in the first post, I just added it to the thread title as well. We definitely want to make it clear that this is an experiment. Thanks everyone!
  15. This is already happening though. Because these conversations are going to happen either way to some extent. This lets us take a more aggressive stance in the forums by just moving the topics to the club.
  16. So here is the deal. This joke is played out and you won't post about it any more in this thread. We are trying to talk about a serious subject here so let's stay on topic.
  17. Well and I say this with all due respect, but you - as is typically the case - are clueless. You have no idea how many posts or threads get deleted. This is an opt in method that will allow us to move any of these topics to a club. People want to keep posting about it? Great they can opt in there. Several posters have already commented on how they have no plans on opting in. I love seeing that because this isn't a political board that we are trying to create. Just the opposite.
  18. If people carry stuff from the Club to the forum they are going to be banned. That will be a no tolerance kind of thing. The Clubs aren't our first choice and logistically we have a lot to work out. But the goal is to have them improve the quality of the main forums, not the other way around. Thanks. No, user clubs can't be added by members.
  19. 80,000 isn't happening. 10,000 would be wild. I have been in that stadium many times, as I know you have, when only 10,000 people were left. We have always been called the dumb ones. Now I want to be back there and be called the chosen few.
  20. You know I see stuff like this and it blows my mind. The skeptic in me always wants to say it is fake. But I actually saw this in my own house. My wife has a little lap dog, a toy poodle. If Lauren is watching TV or wherever she is in the house this dog is by her side. When Lauren leaves the dog waits by the door for her even when others are home. Right after Lauren was diagnosed with cancer the first time the dog freaked out. Wouldn't sit by her was visibly upset for awhile. If she was near where the cancer was the dog would get up and move. In a way it made us laugh. We knew Lauren had cancer and her surgery was coming soon. Seeing this reaction from an animal made me realize these kind of things are very real.
  21. One person surviving this experiment is the actual best case scenario. The reality here will be much worse lol.
  22. Thinking of you guys, hopefully your Dad is feeling better. Please keep us posted. Thank you!
  23. I bought some JetNation masks, they arrive this week. I will see how they are, it is a local company, very reputable. If they are good and anyone is interested I will add them to the store. It isn't anything we would try to make money on. So if anyone would wear them and promote the site we say thanks and will sell them at the cost we have to pay. Thanks.
  24. Thanks for signing up! https://forums.jetnation.com/forum/2-other-sports/ Once hockey and baseball are back there should be more talk about those sports.

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