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  1. A cowgirls fan? Happy Birthday anyway!
  2. Probably still the wrong thread but I have a source that says Plax to the Jets is a done deal. The mod locked my thread last night but I stand behind what I heard.
  3. My buddy who lives in Pittsburgh just sent me a text message. Said the local sports talk show reported that the Jets agreed in principal with Plaxico. THIS IS UNCONFIRMED. Just wanted to pass it along.
  4. The man has a 90 something rating on madden... hes obviously the missing link for our SB run.
  5. Bren sounds like a real firecracker.
  6. I love Mock Drafts. I finished only 112 spots behind Kiper last year on ESPNs mock central.
  7. The thing about Moss is, now that he goes out of bounds every play, he never gets hurt anymore.
  8. Jet_Flunkie


    Cmon Sheff is clean and you know it. It was a cream that he applied to his body a few times. Who amongst us hasn't done such a thing?
  9. I get your point about Coles. But this is a real forgiving league. You put Coles on this team at the Vet Minimum and they can do some damage. Herm will screw it up somehow though. If they had a coach that could pull all this together I would say it would be a no-brainer. Coles McCareins Moss in the slot Chrebet Cotchery That would be the best WR corps the Jets had in a LONG time. Depth has been a problem here. This would solve that problem.
  10. Make the two line pass legal. Then you will have yourself a sport. Pansies.
  11. Look at the pics of this new proposed stadium: http://www.stadiumpage.com/stpages/mets.html Really nice.
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