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  1. I'm BACKKKKKK hahhahaa



  2. Tom Shane... OMG how are you? LETS GO TO OHIO!!! lol.... Thank you for the BDAY wishes... miss ya xoxo
  3. I have the room for us to share!!
  4. Good morning jets family Anyone planning a road trip to see Kevin get into the hall of fame in August?
  5. I'm back.. great seeing everyone. How the heck do I post in this fancy forum??. Go Jets
  6. Water street in toms river or the river rock rt 70 brick point area is Awesome
  7. How do I post pictures in photo gallery new album??
  8. Nice meeting you...thank you for the photo op an the awesome tailgate Love the experience of packer land, great folks! Every football fan should have lambeau field on their bucket list
  9. At airport with my dear jet friend Frankie Faba....can't wait to land.

  11. wheres my private message box??

  12. I'm still here honey~~~ OMG HOW the BOARD has changed...I couldn't find you... All is good.. had a hell of a year or 2 with mom, an her cancer battle.....my work and selling real estate has been prenominal....How about you? Heading to GREEN BAY I CANT WAIT....are you doing any trips?
  13. I'm leaving on a jet plane ....tomorrow for green bay
  14. So I heard packers are building a new stadium an are playing at a college field Is this a falsehood???
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