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Status Updates posted by Brenjetsfan

  1. I'm BACKKKKKK hahhahaa



  2. 3 episodes left....holy V....xxxxoooo soooo did u like xoxo

  3. 732-793-0066...thanks see ya sunday

  4. AL....what clothes should I PACK???? hot sunny or cold windy rainy???an my SHOES!! OY!!! FLATS? YUCK

  5. Aruba on the bye.....

  6. ARUBA

    1. Bob


      I loved Aruba. Have fun!

  7. call me I have 1 ticket ...

  8. Chris why do you have a + by your name?????oxoxox

  9. Congrats...good to hear your doing well. Hope to see ya at some games.,..Don't be a stranger!!! oxoxxox

  10. DO YOU POST?

    1. BaumerJet


      Just checking in to see the status of the 1st lady of the New Meadowlands Stadium. So, What's up girl?

  11. Do you still have 2 for sale?

  12. Football SATURDAY???

  13. Frankie Babie...your doing just FABULOUS on the new board!!!!

  14. Got you a place in Belmar....PM when you can


  16. Happy birthday....oxoxoxoxox

  17. Helllloooo LOVER BOY...waz going on??? oxoxoxo

  18. Hello handsome....lets hang out....lol oxoxoxox

  19. Hello.....So why have you been here an NEVER POSTED....lol....oxoxox Happy New Year

  20. Hey handsome I will have your pics up soon....ooxox

  21. Hey Handsome....hope you have a great day!!!! Wanna come to the game with me Sunday???

  22. Hey handsome...any road trips?? Tennessee??

  23. Hey handsome...YES Ellie is emailing you for your tickets...ITS Sue's daughter...Give me a shout! Miss you... Have fun an enjoy your Christmas...Give oxoxo to your family

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