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  1. So we have a million threads about the game. But let's talk about the tailgate. First off great job by @joebabyny as always. The food was great and his tailgate was packed. Really good job as usual!

    A lot of JN'ers were in attendance, group photo below. I am not going to name names. It was also ex JN Moderator day as both @TaborJet and @BP were in attendance. We did have a current moderator in @faba in attendance as well. @Brenjetsfan our first director of marketing was in attendance, it was great seeing her!

    Duane was there and I have to say it was great seeing his family. Hopefully they find a way to come to the games without him in the future.

    @AFJF was in attendance along with his lovely wife. It was nice meeting her for the first time. I did get to meet @SAR I for the first time as well and he was a nice guy, his son really knows the Jets. You actually walk away from a meeting with Sar kind of liking him. Not sure I ever read one of his posts and felt the same way, lol.  

    T-Mac is in this photo great seeing him, he is one of the nicest people you ever meet. We also had Al and Judy @Jetfan13 show up. It was awkward because Al had been sending me provactive messages all week and then he shows up with his wife. Talk about a mixed message \ awkward situation. You can read more about that in our VIP Forum.

    Mr and Mrs @ECURB are back this year. And Brandon Dowling from JetNation Radio was also there.

    I hope I didn't leave everyone out. There were more people pictured than I named, sorry about that.

    Anyhow great time, great win 

  2. Hi GANG

    Its been a long time but just wanted tp stop by and let y'all know I survived the storm. I have a lot of friends that lost everything and its just devastating! Pictures just don't do any justice.

    My Re/Max office was destroyed an is still closed till we are done rebuilding, however the residents in LAVALLETTE were allowed to move bck into their homes on Saturday.

    My little p/t gig at Betty an Nicks in Seaside Park is still Under Construction and no one is allowed back on the barrier island yet. Here are just a few pics from the storm.

    Thanks for the thoughts n prayers from everyone.....GO JETS~post-5336-0-15965600-1355747053_thumb.jppost-5336-0-15965600-1355747053_thumb.jppost-5336-0-15965600-1355747053_thumb.jp


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