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  1. :vactiontime:I have had my tickets for 20 years....I can still go mezz an get a psl if I want, but for now I am going to do one year an then see ....I may retire my seats an just go up an scalp a ticket....do all the road trips. OR pass them to my son .... ITS ALL GOOD!
  2. If you judge people, you have no time to love them::wub
  3. Not really when you book with the Jetnation family here we share rooms to cut costs. You only shower n sleep in it...and the air we book in April when the schedule comes out so its not that much when you think about it. We have JET friends all over the world so tailgates, parties etc are arranged and you jsut chip in. You should come on a road trip.....
  4. lol thats why I can do the road trips!!!! oxoxxo:love0038:
  5. You have to hit the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy The 82nd Annual Feast of San Gennaro - September 10-20, 2009 I will be there Saturday...Do you still have my cell? I will shoot you a PM....
  6. There are all seats available still....upper no psl....mezz....with psl...and of course parking passes!!! lol....$250 for all passes! See ya in Miami
  7. Got my season seats for 2010...and I thought I would do all the road trips instead! OY guess I will just do Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago..... No PSL....yahooooooooooo:cheergal:
  8. C'mon...are you people gonna melt in a little rain...?? Thats FOOTBALL...RAIN, COLD SNOW, SLEET, HAIL.....oh an SUN .... Wussies.....See y'all there ....
  9. $80 dollars....and the rain will be down the shore....along the coast..not inland....lol I maybe able to do a deal for the 2.....PM me if your serious....
  10. Does anyone want to purchase 2 tickets for the game Sat??? GREAT SEATS....sect 135 row 9....face value.... :cheergal:
  11. Heading down Monday morning....Can I get the sideline pass to take photos???
  12. Is anyone setting up Jetnation for the football season??
  13. Anyone heading to Baltimore for the game???
  14. Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka...splash of water and wedge of lemon....HOLY ****TAIL!!! I think I will have to get a case of this....JON E ...can you get a discount for me? lol
  15. yeeee haaaaa sorry I missed the grand opening...Can't wait to go again......
  16. Marriott Hotel near the French Quarter

    1. FRANK P

      FRANK P


  17. your rite i dont like you anymore....cause I LUV you guys!!!::wub
  18. C'mon.....whats with these broads ...? JEALOUS of each other! WTF..just leave... I know a few BOYZ I would have loved to take my purse strap around their NECK! RIP ....he was a great fighter....Seen him in AC.
  19. Greetings......So what is the info for this road trip? I have been outta the loop here for a while.... Hotel? Tickets? Looks like I may be able to hit this road trip after all! WHOOHOOO PARTY ON!!!!!!!!
  20. I just had to put our family dog down on Fathers Day...which my mom couldn't do because it was the 2 yr death of my dad. Max was his baby...now they are in heaven together.....Broke my heart...I feel your pain...I had to leave the room when he got the needle...i totally lost it....No more dogs for the family either.... oxoxoxox
  21. Now that my BAN is lifted...I am back....so who the hell is DLJ?
  22. VEGAS?????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY....have a few for me tooo!! oxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo::wub::wub:vactiontime:
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