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  1. Team to Hold Series of Public Practices at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center Starting in June; Training Camp Begins at SUNY Cortland on July 31 Jets to Hold 2009 Training Camp in Two States, Three Counties April 20, 2009
  2. Great job!!! ....but you forgot the most important question......"DO YOU POST"? hahha
  3. Anyone make the NEW wallpaper yet with the schedule?? Time to get rid of the old one!
  4. Sorry can't make it ....ITS A HOLIDAY....Can they move it to Sunday? Ya know us Italians.....
  5. =;Heres something to WHINE about Indiana kettlecorn at Yankee stadium!!!!
  6. Excellent SEATS...30 yard line JETS side ..SECT 309 Row 1.
  7. At least Jetfan13 cant complain bout the sun.....lol..see y'all in Miami...
  8. :rolleyes:and 124 didn't believe me! OY!
  9. I don't want him to play for us EVER...but he is HOT AS HELL ...whewwwww
  10. for real Joe ...I made a call an its at the same location. Draft starts a 4pm this year.
  11. I got connections.....babie:rolleyes:
  12. I'm here your here thats all that matters!!!! mmmmuuuuaaahhhhhh::wub
  13. Draft day party Dave-n-Busters AGAIN.....4pm
  14. Any takers for this?? LAST chance...
  15. I may pass on my season tickets this May 1st an do all the ROAD TRIPS!
  16. Ohhhh Tommmmy boy get that hottie brother of yours back here!!! OK carry on:vactiontime:
  17. We got a 75 million facility to not practice in,,,,,what more do you want>#%*
  18. WOW...Tommy boy is back? Is this an over due April fools??
  19. my long lost friends??? So whats the good gossip?? Juicy stories?? DRAFT info?? Road Trip info?? Who got divorced? married? prego??? HAPPY PASSOVER ...n ....HAPPY EASTER..... Enjoy!!!
  20. Due by May 1.....$800.....10 games!
  21. Joisey ..,....Enjoy your day an see ya soon!!!! oxoxox:beer:
  22. T-Mac aka Jumbalyajet......ENJOY your birthday! Miss ya...xoxoxox
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