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  1. So I cant upload most pics because they are to large, but with a heavy heart I made the trip to Seattle for the JETS game and here are some pics.....
  2. said pics to large to upload and then there are 4 of each..MAX....WTH?? hahahah
  3. Hi GANG Its been a long time but just wanted tp stop by and let y'all know I survived the storm. I have a lot of friends that lost everything and its just devastating! Pictures just don't do any justice. My Re/Max office was destroyed an is still closed till we are done rebuilding, however the residents in LAVALLETTE were allowed to move bck into their homes on Saturday. My little p/t gig at Betty an Nicks in Seaside Park is still Under Construction and no one is allowed back on the barrier island yet. Here are just a few pics from the storm. Thanks for the thoughts n prayers from everyone.....GO JETS~
  4. ahhhh I WUB YOU...xoxoxoxo I have to stop in here more often~~
  5. Ok I have a hotel RED LION INN on 5th Ave in the middle of the FESTIVITIES.....BUT do to mix up hotel was booked an non refundable in another location.....IS ANYONE going that needs a ROOM...its a great rate....PM me....Can't wait to be sleepless in Seattle.......
  6. Max.....Come too....we can all be SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE......No scripts for me.....I am going ot hunt Christian Grey down....hahhaha
  7. HELLOOOOO handsome....how are you??? Take a road trip to SEATTLE with me~~~
  8. CHEAP ....hahahahha and a park pass for yours truly....thank you...xoxooxxo
  9. OMG...Short sales on PSL's.....At least the REAL ESTATE market is picking up for me~~ SOOOO glad I didnt purchase PSL just the cheapo upper seats~~~ Good day~
  10. maybe needs a little lovin.....or some good love~~~spice things up
  11. WHOO HOOO....I cant wait till November, Jetman I may need one or 2 more tixs for my girls....oxoxo
  12. btw where the app for here?? just got my new toy an cant find jetnation app
  13. cant wait...max great seeing you the other night! You look fabulous....Booking flights some time next week~~
  14. Save the DATE~~ I know with OTA's in June its hard to get any players to attend this event for the Childrens Miracle Hospital Charity event, but we will be having a raffle an auction for JETS RANGERS KNICKS YANKEE, devils giants mets sporting stuff....so see the FLYER that Max will be posting and come play some GOLF or just dinner..Looking to beat our goal from last year $14,459 Thanks for your support~~~~
  15. TMAC is also the god father to his sisters boy...So so sad God Bless the McIntosh / Nappi family...Love you Tom....
  16. HEY LJ HOW ya been??? Miss this place....Are you hitting NYC for the draft day party???
  17. SO AWESOME....the good ol days of posting!!! I forgot about BRENS HAUS...hahahha tooo funny! Love the memories oxox
  18. Congrats....Sobriety can be fun! I now have 7 months!!!
  19. DO YOU POST??? Happy Birthday JETNATION~~ What can I say, Max....hard work, dedication, loyalty and fellowship...your simply the BEST ~~ Love you guys, oxoxoxox
  20. So who is making the annual trip down to Florida??
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