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  1. IN PATSIE land for OCTOBER 9th 4pm....anyone SELLING 2? Thanks
  2. Did I MISS the drama??? DETAILS please......
  3. Been a long time no chattie......ARE YOU READY for some FOOTBALL???? Hope all is well with everyone. Survived the Hurricane in Toms River. So who can help me out with getting tickets to someone via Email? Is that still possible for a season ticket holder to email the tickets for them to print out??? Thanks ...enjoy the day~~oxoxoxxo
  4. Well, wiil they still announce the schedule in April with this lock out? Would like to know the months for ROAD TRIPS~~~
  5. I may have to take your 1 you dont use~~~
  6. The ones I spoke with are NOT ..just gonna hit the stadium up for a few home games and hit DC Philly Baltimore n Miami~~~
  7. Jersey Shore Rentals are booming! Visit www.lavalletteltd.com t osee whats left~~

  8. So is anyone sending it in?? After 23 years looks like I may just give them up and do road trips ~~~
  9. looks like Baltimore, Philly an DC and of COURSE MIAMI~~~~oxxoxo
  10. I guess they won't be needing me this off season
  11. Thank you all for my birthday wishes!! I received the best birthday present EVER.....a JETS TOASTER...and GG of course a JETS cake~~~Thank you oxoxox
  12. PRO BOWL.......

    1. Blackout


      is boring BUT BREN is cool

  13. I got a ticket....my friend friends is dating Heinz Ward...oh boy....Phil I may do the land package with 2 others....what will the price be?
  14. I have been busy with recruiting newbies.....Welcome to Paul and Lisa....Steeler fans!!!
  15. travelocity.......westin hotel and air $360. Drew is booked already.
  16. be careful they are looking to jump on our wagon!!!!
  17. What time is the Green bay game?? before or after us? oxoxoox
  18. I may do all 8! .....Hey Joe I am heading to Florida tonight...shoot me a text where your gonna be~~~
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