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  1. Brenda, should the NFL loose the case in Minnesota (which at this point, they might) they have to arrange in advance for a 16 (NOT 18) game schedule.

    All because an end of the lockout will force the NFL to run a "NON SALARY CAP" season, just as last year - while negotiations continue.

    That being said, NFL network will release the schedule on either April 25, 26th or 27th. All just prior to the Prime Time 1st round on Thursday April 28th, 2011.

    Thank you handsome....:rolleyes:

  2. I didn't pay yet. I went to do it last night shortly after midnight and it said my account was locked out. I freaked out thinking they froze it but it was just a password issue. Got a call this morning with the password, I told them I would process it today.

    Are most people not paying?

    The ones I spoke with are NOT ..just gonna hit the stadium up for a few home games and hit DC Philly Baltimore n Miami~~~

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