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  1. Actually NO...I have never heard from Smoothie Soothie why I was. I am very disappointed that everyone else received emails from him but me and I was the one banned! I don't understand nor care. Its a dead issue now...With all this chit chat behind the scenes, I would perfer to just stay here at my NEW home.... I will always keep an eye on my 1st luv, JI.. but most of my friends are here. I like one big happy family! the Divorce is final! When will you be back in town??? say hello to the family.
  2. Ok I will stalk... I mean SCOUT him out and get him in GREEN...You heard it here first...and the New York Jets pick MATT ROTH #31... Afterall, I am not the VP of marketing for just Jetnation! One nation under MAX/SHANE with liberty and justice for all!
  3. I am planning one in July at my yacht club.... 8)
  4. at first after I saw my post edited, I thought my IP address was blocked!...Whew had to put a call to GGG an she said I was probably banned! lol
  5. whew...thak god I was FREAKIN out over here Gald your back up MAXIE...I had to read another SITE
  6. Welcome KJ...hope you like your new home
  7. So I am at Tony Saragusa's new bar/restaurant last nite and these 2 couples are there. One guy has a JET jacket on. So I walk up to them at their table and ask him if he really is a fan or did someone just give him that jacket as a gift. So he says he is really a fan. I asked him DO YOU POST? He was clueless. So I gave him my business card with JETNATION.COM on the back. They said they will stop by an visit the site. Welcome! As VP here I would like to request business cards. Thank you and enjoy your day!
  8. ah Just kiddin with you. heart heart heart..wub wub :wink: I am with you
  9. C'mon don't start FALSEHOODS here..He told Jetgirl yesterday that I can come back to JI anytime I want. But I told her its ok, I choose not to. I did not send 100 it was 200..ah j/k. I asked NO ONE TO LEAVE OR CHOOSE JI EVER! FEEL the LUV! FEEL THE POWER!
  10. I will meet u in the 1st pew...or confession..I will pack breakfast. lunch an dinner
  11. just ready to end/start a NEW DAY/NITE good nite/morning
  12. don't forgive her..she did not want to get BANNED lol j/k..I emailed you from MY YAHOO..did u just delete me??
  13. perhaps its your picture being rejected?? is it toooo big?
  14. POLAR PLUNGE Sunday Jenkinsons Point Pleasant Doors open at 11am... Its a good cause...Special Olympics. Place is packed with people, like a summer day. Bands and food. Great day to hang with the BEARS!
  15. Thats Discrimination! Why because the rest sit in the shade?? Anyone looking for A season Tix?
  16. stick with me kid you'll go places :!:
  17. no they all went up check you invoice...$70 from $65
  18. max the smily blow face ..1st column to the left on the bottom does not work? xxoo you know what to do wub wub
  19. my new section Brenda's House of Style
  20. how much for 2 seats? for your section
  21. NOTHING just got invoice for season tixs..$1,654.oo Due May 2nd ...I am watching the TUBE tonite, or I may go for 1 drink at my club.
  22. YEA that did not take me long at all it was our DRIVE to New England that we got to REALLY know each other! lol...
  23. ITS that time again...Just got the invoice for the season..and YES the seats went up to $70 for upper level. $1400 for the season...WHEW WEEE
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